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What are the most important chapters to score a threedigit rank in JEE Main

Discover the essential chapters for securing a three-digit rank in JEE Main! From physics and chemistry to mathematics, unlock key insights to maximize your score and excel in the exam.

April 29, 2024

By CoachingSelect


Scoring a three-digit rank in JEE Main is within reach with strategic JEE exam preparation. Here’s a breakdown of the most crucial chapters to focus on in each subject to maximize your score and secure your spot:


1. Current Electricity: A fundamental yet crucial chapter from class 12th, often overlooked, but it forms a significant part of JEE Main.

2. Modern Physics: Concept-based and relatively easier, ensuring a grasp on this section can earn you quick marks.

3. Electrostatics: Delve into the intricacies of electrostatics, as it's a cornerstone of JEE Main physics.
4. Rotational Motion: Despite its vastness, understanding rotational motion thoroughly simplifies problem-solving in the exam.

5. Oscillations and Waves: Mastering this topic not only aids in JEE Main but also enhances your understanding of related concepts.


1. Equilibrium: Dive into both ionic and chemical equilibrium, which is consistently asked in the physical chemistry section.
2. Aldehydes, Ketones, and Acid Derivatives: Familiarize yourself with named reactions in this organic chemistry segment.
3. Coordination Compounds: Conceptual and scoring, this chapter is a must-do for maximizing marks in chemistry.
4. Heat and Thermodynamics: Bridge the gap between physics and chemistry with this overlapping chapter for dual benefits.
5. Biomolecules and Polymers: Often overlooked but rich in quick marks, invest time in rote learning to reap rewards.
6. Chemical Bonding: Dive into the depths of chemical bonding, a conceptual gem of inorganic chemistry that's frequently tested.


1. Probability and Permutation-Combination: Logic-driven and dynamic, these topics consistently feature novel questions in JEE exams.
2. Coordinate Geometry: Focus on straight lines and circles within this expansive chapter, as they hold significant weight in the exam.
3. Integration: Prioritize definite integration for comprehensive preparation in this integral part of mathematics.
4. Vectors and 3D Geometry: Hone your spatial visualization skills for this final frontier of JEE Main mathematics.

Remember, practice and perseverance are key to success in JEE Main. Dedicate ample time to each of these chapters, and supplement your study with regular mock tests to enhance speed and accuracy. With diligent effort and focused preparation, achieving a three-digit rank is well within your reach. Best of luck on your JEE Main journey!

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