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Top 5 Apps For JEE Exam Preparation by IITians

Master the JEE exam with ease using the top 5 apps recommended by IITians. Access comprehensive study materials, practice tests, and expert guidance right at your fingertips.

May 10, 2024

By CoachingSelect


Are you gearing up to excel in the JEE? The right resources make all the difference.Consider apps developed by IIT alumni—they offer invaluable insights. 

These apps stand out because their founders truly understand the essence of an IIT. They've not just tackled the JEE themselves but have also mastered the art of gaining admission to an IIT. This makes their apps more beneficial, educational, and effective compared to others available.

Let's dive into five exceptional apps crafted by IIT alumni to elevate your JEE preparation.

Melvano provides personalized learning solutions to meet your educational requirements. With a user base exceeding 300,000 students, it offers meticulously curated practice materials developed by experts, including alumni from renowned institutions like IIT. These resources are carefully designed to emulate the difficulty levels and formats of the JEE exam, facilitating effective preparation. Furthermore, Melvano offers feedback mechanisms to support continuous improvement. Notably, in the 2024 JEE Main exam, over 30 Melvano students achieved above 99 percentile score.

Founded by : Taran Singh, IIT- Madras

Pricing: The app offers free courses, learning materials, videos, and tests supported by ads. For access to premium features, you can choose their yearly package priced at just Rs. 3000, subject to year-round discounts and offers.

Key Features:

Content created by IIT alumni
Exceptional question banks and test papers for JEE 
Personalized learning with Artificial Intelligence
Highest selection rate in JEE Main
Basic features are free of cost


With guidance from experienced instructors, Vedantu offers live classes where you can ask questions and engage with tutors. The platform provides concise lessons and regular practice tests to help you track progress and identify areas for improvement. Additionally, personalized support and mentoring are available to help you stay motivated and focused.

Founded by: Vamsi Krishna, IIT-Bombay; Pulkit Jain, IIT-Roorkee; Saurabh Saxena, IIT-Roorkee; Anand Prakash, IIT-Roorkee

Pricing: The app provides free study materials, past question papers, and mock tests for JEE aspirants. For access to additional features, the course fees start at Rs. 51,300 for one year. This includes live classes, interactive doubt-clearing sessions, discussions on previous year question papers, digital study materials, and more.

Key Features:

Flexible learning options
Personal tutor
Preparation for competitive exams
Practice materials
Live interactive classes


Doubtnut is a helpful resource for JEE aspirants, allowing them to easily clear doubts and questions on the go. With AI-powered videos and answers, the app provides reliable solutions. Simply snap a photo of the question, upload it to Doubtnut, and receive clear, step-by-step explanations. This ensures you have dependable assistance whenever you need it.

Founded by: Aditya Shankar and Tanushree Nagori, IIT-Delhi

Pricing: Cost: The app provides free revisions of various subjects and important questions. However, the JEE crash course is priced at Rs. 1,05,000 for 15 months. This package includes daily live interactive classes, sessions to resolve doubts, a weekly self-study plan, a nationwide test series, and more. Students can select either Hindi or English for the course language.

Key Features:

Multilingual support
Wide range of subjects covered
Solutions powered by AI
Question banks
Accessible offline


Toppr is a top-notch education platform that makes JEE studying easier. It gives you lots of practice questions, mock tests, and more to help you get ready for JEE. Plus, it offers personalized learning. Also, Toppr has a feature where you can quickly get help with any questions or concerns you have.

Founded by: Zishaan Hayath and Hemanth Gotiti, IIT-Bombay

Pricing: Students can get help with their questions and worries using the interactive doubt-solving feature for free. They can also choose to upgrade and use the full packages, which range from Rs. 3000 to Rs. 6000.

Key Features:

Quick help with questions
Performance analysis
Personalized learning paths
Accessible on mobile
Interesting content

Vidyamandir Online Classes (VMC)

Vidyamandir Classes, a reputable coaching institute for NEET and JEE, now provides online courses tailored for JEE aspirants. Through the app, students gain access to live online classes, recorded lectures, and practice tests, all designed to enhance their exam readiness. With a team of experienced faculty members, VMC offers personalized support, guiding students towards success with top-notch coaching.

Founded by: Brij Mohan Gupta, IIT-Delhi

Pricing: At VMC, courses start at Rs. 2,19,999 for a two-year duration. This package encompasses chat-based doubt resolution sessions, non-academic mentors tailored to specific needs, recorded school support sessions, and more.

Key Features:

Proficient faculty
Tailored support
Advanced study resources
Career advice
Parent-teacher interactions


Choosing the right platform for your JEE preparation is crucial. Every detail matters. That's where Melvano shines. With its personalized learning approach, adaptive algorithms, and comprehensive subject coverage, Melvano maximizes students' potential. For a more tailored and comprehensive course structure, consider Melvano Plus.

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