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Lost generation of gaza as war robs children of their educations

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Lost generation of gaza as war robs children of their educations

Generations of youngsters in Gaza have experienced educational disruption due to ongoing wars. Due to violence and unrest, kids in Gaza have missed almost 11 years of education since 2000. As the children of Gaza are facing a tough time of war, more than 40% of the population of Gaza is constituted by children.  During wars, educational establishments have been widely disturbed. Schools have been damaged or destroyed, depriving pupils of supplies and actual classroom space. Over 700 schools in Gaza have suffered damage or destruction since 2000, according to UNICEF. In overcrowded classrooms with deteriorating facilities, students struggle to learn. The ongoing conflict between the two nations which started on 7th Oct after rockets fired by Hamas terrorist group on Israel has added a full stop to the education of children living in Gaza for several generations. At present, it has been difficult for the people to survive in Gaza with their basic requirement of food, water, electricity and shelter.  Due to conflict or other unrest, pupils who miss a lot of school are missing out on important information and skill building blocks. They have a hard time catching up to their classmates and developing to their full potential as a result. Core disciplines like reading, writing, and maths can cause students to lag behind, which can have an effect on their chances for a successful future. Missing school frequently deprives kids of a supportive, safe environment throughout their early years. Their social, emotional, and cognitive development may be harmed in ways that go well beyond the classroom as a result. Also, the war causes serious issues on the the health of children. Anything like a war creates a fear among the children which remains for whole life and it is called as child abuse. Such activities have life long impact on the mental health of the children.  NGOs provide children with the essentials they need to go to school, such as textbooks, stationery, and backpacks. It might be challenging for kids in poverty to buy these materials. NGOs are reducing financial barriers that can impede kids from learning by giving them necessities. But NGOs also need to wait for the current situation to normalize. Amid the shortage of basic life necessities, it is very difficult to put concern over the education of the children.  Many schools have been badly damaged or destroyed by the violence, depriving pupils of a secure environment in which to learn. Many NGOs are gathering money to renovate and build schools as well as establish new ones where they are required. But the major issue is the ongoing state of war in the Gaza strip. No external force or aid can help these students resume their learning until or unless there is a halt to the war condition. Nobel winners like Kailash Satyarthi are raising their concerns for the school-going children and the condition of schools are being damaged in the war.   

CoachingSelect October 23, 2023