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Executive Programs from IIMs for Working Professionals

Get The Advantage of Management development programs & become executive alumnus of IIMs also upgrade your skills as per the trending market technologies.

August 31, 2021

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Topping up your work experience with a certificate from IIMs and upgrade your alma mater

Indian Institute of Management (IIM) is one of the leading educational institutes in the country which provides the students with the best placements and packages across the country. They primarily offer undergraduate/postgraduate, doctoral and executive education programmers along with some additional courses. Being a student of these reputed institutes is the dream of every MBA aspirant but only few make it because of fierce competition.

The IIM executive courses give their students the opportunity to flourish themselves as a leading contender in the managerial field. As the name suggest Executive MBA is a management course specially designed for working professionals to excel in their current job. Generally these programs are designed especially for people working on Middle & Senior level management with 5 to 10 years of working experience. These programs are designed specifically to handle a specific part of management in an organization.

Management Development Programmes (MDPs) being short & long term, focused Corporate Learning interventions, serve as effective Training programmers for honing the right skill-sets of business professionals, developing their understanding of business and enabling them assume leadership positions. Again MDPs are categorized by different IIMs like IIM Calcutta has (Long Distance Programs) LDPs which offers Blended programs whereas IIM Bangalore offers’ Integrated Blended programs with partnership of topnotch aboard universities. Most Common MDPs which offered by almost all IIMs are designed for managers at various organizational levels and configured to address specific corporate training objectives. The duration of such programmes span from 4 days to 3 weeks, depending upon the nature of the topics being covered and objective of the course. Some IIMs are offered executive course completely online with the tech partners like Jaro, Education, NIIT, Hudges etc. Executives can attend the interactive sessions from classrooms located in their cities and do not need to be away from work in order to enroll for these programs. These programs range from six months to one year in duration.

Following are the Executive programs offered by top 3 IIMs

  1. IIM Calcutta

IIM Calcutta’s highly acclaimed MDPs center around key business fundamentals like Managerial Effectiveness, Team Building, Cost Management, Sales & Marketing skills, Management of Organizational Change, etc. to emerging issues like Big Data, Creativity & Innovation, and Leadership. These programmes are in the nature of 'open-enrollment' courses with participation open to all practicing/experienced managers and/or executives.

The pedagogy employed involves a variety of teaching methods: case studies, simulations, role plays, closed group analyses, and applied learning projects, interspersed with lecture sessions on theory and practice. The sessions are essentially interactive, and participants are encouraged to question assumptions, identify opportunities, solve complex problems, develop operational performance, boost productivity, and in the process, build sustainable competitive advantage. The knowledge and insights gained as a result of such sessions have immediate applications for high-priority management challenges. As a result, participants as well as the sponsoring organization receive a rapid –and lasting– return on investment.

Key Features of Open MDPs

  • The duration of such programmes span from 3 days to 7 Days, depending upon the nature of the topic/s being covered and objective of the course.
  • Programmes shall be conducted at the Management Development Centre (MDC) inside IIM Calcutta campus in Kolkata, excepting special editions, stated to be offered at outstation venues.
  • For all in-campus programmes fees mentioned are on Residential basis. The experience of an MDP is optimized in full-immersion mode.
  • Executive Education Alumni: With effect from April 1, 2017, participants of IIM Calcutta’s ‘Open’ MDPs who attend 20 days of learning through two or more Open MDPs will be eligible to apply for ‘Executive Education Alumni of IIM Calcutta’ status.
  • Average fees of in-campus open MDPs at IIM Calcutta costs around 60 k to 100 k, which included boarding and lodging. IIM Calcutta charges 8K for the extra per day with boarding and lodging at the campus if someone wants to extend its stay due to any travel constraint.

In a pioneering move in the country, IIM Calcutta had introduced a novel method of imparting quality education to working executives while ensuring the desired priorities on quality of education and convenience of participants. The novel solution arose from a mixed mode of synchronous classroom teaching making use of information and communication technology with a balanced dose of face-to-face physical sessions with the professors at IIM Calcutta campus. Such programmes have become widely known as Long Duration Programmes (LDPs). The duration of an LDP is typically about one year and a participant usually attends two sessions of three hours duration each from the convenience of a studio located in her city or even from office or home if the LDP is offered in direct to device (D2D) mode. Participants are admitted based on selection criteria befitting the requirements of the professional needs and the rigour of the curriculum of the specific LDP. Certification is done following due examination and evaluation process. Academic contents are designed and delivered following state-of-the-art pedagogy by faculty members of IIM Calcutta with occasional inputs from outside experts. Logistics, technology, and delivery infrastructure related issues are taken care of by contractual agreements with other organizations which are competent to do the task. During the course of an LDP, participants get multiple opportunities to visit IIM Calcutta campus for attending selected sessions in classroom and for networking with peers and Professors.

Some Popular LDPs from IIM Calcutta are:-

  a. Senior Management Programme (SMP), This one-year programme has been designed specifically for senior executives to: (1) equip them with analytic skills, (2) enhance their existing functional competencies, and very importantly, (3) transform them into strategic leaders. The programme covers thirteen modules which expose participants to contemporary macro perspectives as well as functional knowledge for enhancing their strategic decision making. The Programme has been designed keeping in mind Senior and Middle-level managers with more than ten years of work experience. Campus visit takes place thrice in a year. The duration of first campus visit is of 5 days, second campus visit is of 4 days and third campus is of 5 days. Programme Fee is ₹5,43,000 + (Applicable GST) with Campus Visit Fee of ₹1,12,000 + (Applicable GST). The tech partner of this program would be Times TSW.

  b. Executive Programme On Digital & Social Media Marketing Strategy (EPDSMMS), The programme has been designed to provide a foundation for marketers who want to specialize in the digital and social media marketing strategies, or those wanting to broaden their understanding in this domain. This six month certificate programme from IIM Calcutta would hone the general management skills followed by deep diving into the basic and advanced modules of marketing in the social and digital media platforms. It will provide in-depth knowledge on digital and social media marketing and analytics: how to plan, implement and measure a digital marketing and social media strategy to create awareness, generate leads and ultimately drive sales. The program focuses on marketing strategy and digital strategy and builds on the three pillars of traditional marketing analytics, search marketing and social media listening and analytics. The faculty will focus on the synergy between on-field practice and in-class learning.

­Eligibility of the program is at least 2 years of experience in media, advertising, start-ups, social or digital media, e-commerce whereas Programme Fee is 2,44,800/+ (Applicable GST) with Campus Visit Fee of ₹32,000 + (Applicable GST). The tech partner of this program would be high education.

  c. Executive Programme in Business Management (EPBM), This programme ensures that participants are equipped to adapt to the fast-paced technological and organizational challenges faced today, while constantly evolving and adapting themselves. Minimum 5 years of work experience (full-time paid employment) post completion of graduation as on Application Closure Date participants are expected to undergo profound personal and professional change as they are exposed to an eclectic mix of learning techniques, thought provoking faculty, experiential activities, business simulations, skill development, peer to peer discussions and guest speaker insights. This will enable them to acquire the confidence, based on developing business acumen and gaining knowledge, to transition from being a functional leader to a business expert, leading their teams through transformation. Programme Fee is 4,00,000/+ (Applicable GST) with Campus Visit Fee of ₹80,000 + (Applicable GST). The tech partner of this program would be high education.


  2. IIM Bangalore

The Open Programmes are either Short Duration Programmes (SDPs) or Long Duration Certificate Programmes(LDCPs). A good number of our upcoming, on-campus open courses. The SDPs are of 3-5 days duration and address some of the issues facing the industry practitioners and/or based on the research interests of IIMB faculty.

IIMB also offers Live Online Custom programmes tailored to suit your organization’s learning needs (in addition to the On-campus Custom programmes). We have been working with various existing clients and prospective customers for customized, bespoke certificate programmes and webinars. Most of these organizations have engaged with IIMB to ensure continuity of their talent development initiatives in these trying times while scaling the reach to engage and develop employees.

Key Features of Open SDPs

  • The duration of such programmes span from 3 days to 7 Days, depending upon the nature of the topic/s being covered and objective of the course.
  • Programmes shall be conducted inside IIM campus in Bangalore, excepting special editions, stated to be offered at outstation venues.
  • For all in-campus programmes fees mentioned are on Residential basis. Whereas student has to pay less if they opt for non-residential program.
  • Average fees of in-campus open SDPs at IIM Bangalore costs around 70K to 110K, which included boarding and lodging. If student opt for Non-residential then fee would be less by 10K to 15K.

The LDCPs are part-time programmes offered over 2-12 months. They address the needs of Managers for General Management skills or impact specialized skills/knowledge in a niche area such as Business Analytics, Entrepreneurship or Finance. The LDCPs are being offered as a combination of live online and on-campus sessions (at a later point in time). The participants' diversity in open programmes contributes significantly to cross-learning and provides continuing networking opportunities beyond the classroom. These programmes are held at IIMB campus. A certificate of completion will be awarded by IIMB to participants on successful completion of the programme(s).

Most of the LDCPs at IIM Bangalore are designed with the top ranked US/Europe Universities collaboration. Pedagogy of these LDCPs started or ending with either campus immersion at IIM Bangalore or foreign universities like HEC Paris, Wharton etc.

Some Popular LDCPs from IIM Bangalore are:

  a. Executive General Management Programme (EGMP) is a part-time certificate programme designed for functional managers aspiring to move into a general management role to develop core business skills and competencies, which would equip them to handle issues involving cross-functional areas. The EGMP brings together participants from diverse backgrounds, skills and experience, thereby enabling peer learning. The eminent faculty of IIMB handles the curriculum. The EGMP participants involve themselves actively in case studies and discussions, role-play, games, etc. They benefit immensely through continuous learning and networking with peers from different backgrounds, during and after the programme. The Duration of program is 1 year in which is divided in 4 modules. Out of the 2 modules are deliver online and each module is of 45-50 session of 5-6 hours whereas 2 modules are deliver at the IIMB campus each of 10-12 days.

 Mid-career professionals with potential for growth and graduates with a minimum of 5 years’ experience and The Programme fee is ₹6,50,000 + GST. On successful completion of the programme, the participants are eligible to be admitted to IIM Bangalore Alumni Association.

  b. Advanced Management Programme(AMP) is a part-time certificate programme comprising of 44 days including 5 days international component spread over twelve months. Programme timings are typically 09.00 am - 05.15 pm on the programme days; however, on some days, it may get extended. The programme will be conducted live in the classroom at IIMB. Successful completion of the programme also entitles to be admitted to IIM Bangalore Alumni Association. The participants for this programme would typically have about 15+ years of experience with a minimum of eight years in managerial cadre.

The fee for the domestic component: Non Residential would be ₹10,35,00 + GST and for Residential it would be ₹11,82,000 + GST. The Fee for the international component is 2150 Euro apart from this, the cost of international travel, boarding and lodging would have to bone by the participant.

  c. General Management Programme for IT Executives(GMPITE) is a part-time certificate programme that has been designed for Software and IT professionals, who are looking for transition from technical / functional roles to general management roles. GMITE is also relevant for fasttrack managers, who have recently taken charge of a general management role, in terms of equipping them with the ability to cope with responsibilities and issues at that level through formal management education. Graduates Mid-career professionals with potential for growth who have not had the benefit of formal B-School education. with a minimum of 5 years’ experience in Software/IT industry. The programme will be conducted at IIMB for all 60 days in a years’ time. Programme Fee is ₹6,25,000 + On-campus Accommodation on Twin Sharing basis ₹90,000 (optional) + GST.


  3. IIM Ahmedabad

IIM Ahmedabad offer a broad portfolio of over a hundred Open Enrolment Programmes every year with durations ranging from three days to three months. Our programmes are designed for various specialized area like strategy, finance, accounting, organizational behavior, marketing, industrial and personnel relations, quantitative and production methods, information systems and computers, health, public systems, agriculture and education.

Key Features of Open OEPs

  • The duration of such programmes span from 3 days to 7 Days, depending upon the nature of the topic/s being covered and objective of the course.
  • Programmes shall be conducted inside IIM campus in Ahmedabad, excepting special editions, stated to be offered at outstation venues.
  • All programs are residential only i.e. it’s your choice of stay there no waive off if you stay outside the campus after the program hours.
  • Average fees of in-campus open OEPs at IIM Ahmedabad costs around 90K to 290K, which included boarding and lodging.
  • Participants in IIMA Executive Education Programmes for the first time on or after April 1, 2012 become eligible for alumni status and the alumni identity card after participation in one or more programmes for a total of 21 days both of which will be awarded on payment of a one-time alumni fee of INR 10,000.


IIM Ahmedabad offers Blended Learning Programmes offer online executive programmes through highly interactive and live sessions. The focus of these programmes is to provide knowledge and learning support to business leaders and management talent in real-time with the help of cutting-edge technology.

Some Popular BLPs from IIM Ahmedabad are:

  a. Senior Management Programme (SMP) equips bright individuals with General Management perspectives and thinking skills. It delivers a high value through a blend of intensive and immersive on Campus learning and immersive HD VC Virtual Classroom interactions. The Programme covers functional areas of management, its source, disciplines and builds on the experience of the participants, helping them understand the underlying concepts, paradigms and theories of Management. The Programme builds on the experience and co-creation of knowledge for participants who could not find time due to their personal and career commitments and helps them understand how management functions can contribute to effective leadership, decision making skills, strategy and organization of the business. The Programme Duration would be 1 year (Including 12 days of Campus Immersion through 3 visits). Participants are assessed for all the courses, and successful candidates will be awarded with a Certificate of successful completion and IIMA Alumni status. The Programme Fee is 640000 INR + GST.

  b. Accelerated General Management Programme (AGMP) This one-year programme has been designed specifically to equip middle-level working professionals with aspects of general management in a global business environment. This programme comprises of functions of business management as well as contemporary and new age topics that will enable participants to broaden their business perspective. The programme will also help participants in learning tools and techniques required for managing contemporary businesses. Participants are assessed for all the courses, and successful candidates will be awarded with a Certificate of successful completion and IIMA Alumni status. The Programme Fee is 615000 INR + GST & required minimum 5 years of working experience. The tech partner of this program would be Jaro Education.

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