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Top three methods to convert PDF to WORD

Here are the important online sources that can be used to convert PDF to Word instantly.

November 09, 2023

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PDF files are popular especially in the business world because they are easy to read, share or view pdf on any device. These PDFs are cross-platform, have high fidelity. No matter where they are opened on which device you can view them in the same manner. They are difficult to edit but a reliable pdf to word converter such as  itspdf.com makes the document more accessible and editable word document which is much better than rewriting the whole document.

Converting PDF to WORD using MS Word

It is the easiest approach to convert the pdf to Word since you will be later editing the file in this program.

Here are a few steps involved in conversion-

  • First of all, find the pdf that is to be converted. Open the folder containing the file but not the file itself.
  • Right-click the pdf and in pop up menu click open with
  • Click the Word app to open the pdf. If you don't see the option choose another app and then in the popup window click more apps. Scroll to find the MS Word option and click OK.
  • The program will start opening the file and ask permission to convert pdf to Word. Click OK. 
  • Clicking OK will allow Word to convert the selected pdf to Word file. It can take a few seconds or minutes to convert the file depending on the size and complexity of the file. The file will open in Word now you can save it in Word.

Converting PDF to word using Google Docs

If you do not have access to MS Word but still need the Word format of PDF you can use Google Docs for PDF to WORD Converter.

Follow these steps- 

  • Open the web browser and go to Google Docs
  • Click the open file picker icon near the top of the page
  • In the open file window click the upload tab
  • Open the file you want to convert. Select a file from the device and navigate to docs. After a moment the pdf will display in the browser but it is still open in Google Drive. You need to select it in Google Docs.
  • At the top of the screen, click open with an arrow and choose docs.
  • When the pdf appears in Google Docs, click the file to download in the docx extension. The file will be saved to your download folder.
  • Note: Google Docs can not convert images from your pdf so you will lose all images during the conversion process.

Converting PDF to word using online tools

It is a widely used method of converting pdf to Word. An online converter is a handy tool for converting pdf to Word in bulk or frequently in a single click. Most PDF converters are easy to use, free of cost and provide a  good conversion without losing data. PDF converters have higher accuracy, handle complex layouts and try to preserve the formatting in most cases. It saves most of your time and energy. Some famous PDF converters are

  • Itspdf.com
  • PDF2GO
  • Nanonets PDF to text
  • OCR to Edit
  • AvePDF


All three methods of pdf to Word conversion are easy to use but the last one online converter is the best method as you can convert multiple files at once which saves you time. Pdf is editable and easy to view and share but when it comes to editing it needs to be converted into a Word file with free pdf to Word converter.

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