Best CAT Coaching in Kolkata

Top 5 CAT Coaching in Kolkata

In this blog, the top CAT Coaching institutes of Kolkata are listed. Let's have a look.

October 17, 2023

By CoachingSelect

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1. Career Launcher

In terms of CAT coaching in Kolkata, T.I.M.E. unrquivocally excels above the competition. They have gained a reputation as the go-to coaching facility for prospective CAT candidates with their 26 years of experience in teaching and guiding students.

The faculty members are outstanding professors from IIMs and other top business institutions who will make sure you grasp everything and keep up. These professors are experts in their fields and know how to engage students and make learning enjoyable. T.I.M.E. has a successful track record. With 11 pupils obtaining a 100 percentile in the CAT '17 alone, their students have consistently produced outstanding achievements. These success tales serve as evidence of the potency of T.I.M.E.'s coaching techniques.
The dedication of T.I.M.E. to offering the greatest study materials and online tools is another element that sets them apart. To provide absolutely top-notch study materials, they have worked nonstop for 25 years. These resources will offer you the advantage you need to ace the CAT and other entrance tests when paired with their distinctive online curriculum. They provide 25 SAMCATs, 30 OMETs, and 25 AIMCATs among their more than 260 sectional exams. These AIMCATs are the pinnacle of their practice exams since they are so similar to the real thing.

All these features make Career Launcher the first choice among all the CAT Aspirants in Kolkata. 

2. Erudite 

Erudite is the oldest CAT Coaching centre in Eastern India. In Kolkata, Erudite has been offering CAT training for more than 24 years. The institute was founded in 1998, and every year thereafter, it has produced outstanding outcomes. Erudite has become a reputable company that is committed to giving students high-quality CAT-MBA exam prep instruction as a result of its extensive training.

Students at Erudite benefit from the school's distinctive and successful teaching methodology, which enables them to answer issues with ease and succeed in tests. This entails providing the student with a complete curriculum, frequent assignments, assessments, and an in-depth study of their strengths and shortcomings. The faculty of Erudite is made up of a group of professionals in various disciplines with years of experience and good academic credentials. 

Students at Erudite get access to the most recent technology and learning tools. To assist students keep ahead of the competition, the institute has an online site that provides 1000+ hours of videos, a 12,000+ video solution database, and an 18,000+ question bank.

They guarantee the training is organized and efficient and use a result-oriented approach to teaching. The candidates' ability to comprehend the material clearly and apply it in tests is the goal of Erudite's teaching technique. All these features make Erudite a well-known CAT Coaching institute in Kolkata. 

3. IMS

IMS Kolkata is one of the top coaching institutions in India with more than 45 locations. IMS kolkata offers courses for CAT, GMAT, GRE, CLAT, SNAP, XAT, AILET, SAT, CMAT, and MAT. The institution fee for tuition lies between INR 20,000 to 95,000 for courses that are available in both classroom and distance learning formats. To give students a comprehensive educational experience, IMS also offers printed study materials, test series, online lectures, and periodic performance tests. IMS is renowned for offering top-notch teaching and has a strong track record in CAT preparation.

Modern technology and supportive student seats are provided in its classroom facilities. For those who are unable to attend regular sessions, the institute also provides a distance learning program. The experts here make sure that every student receives the attention they require thanks to their extensive coaching expertise and thorough grasp of the many competitive tests. The student-faculty ratio is particularly advantageous, enabling professors to provide each student with individualised attention. The faculty of IMS Kolkata is made up of both academics and industry professionals. Regarding their credentials, the majority hold degrees from prestigious B-schools and instruct the students using their professional expertise.

Overall, IMS Kolkata student ratings are favourable, with many applicants applauding the tutoring facility's high standard of instruction.

4. T.I.M.E.

T.I.M.E is one of the best platforms in your path to the top B-schools in India. T.I.M.E. has more than 26 years of experience in preparing students for the CAT Exam. T.I.M.E. is easily accessible to everybody with a range of transit choices to its six sites spread out over the city, including Saltlake, Park Street, Jadavpur, New Alipore, Sealdah, and Howrah, close to the A.C. market.

T.I.M.E. is the top option for individuals looking for CAT coaching in Kolkata. The training curriculum is specifically designed to get you ready for the written exam, then thoroughly get you ready for the succeeding phases of group discussions, written ability tests (WAT/Essay), and individual or group interviews. The CAT classroom instruction has several advantages. T.I.M.E. goes above and beyond to make sure you are well prepared for the test, including backup classes, doubt-clearing sessions, personalized doubt-clearing sessions, and online resources. 

Its CAT classroom training program offers a wide range of advantages. You will be guided through every step of the preparation process by knowledgeable instructors, who are graduates of the esteemed IIMs and other top universities.


The highly skilled teachers at Edufoster Institute are proud to be committed to raising your CAT score. They have a wealth of knowledge on the CAT test syllabus and format, as well as many years of expertise. They are aware that each student is distinct and has unique strengths and weaknesses. They provide customized dashboards as a result, which can be used to monitor your development and spot opportunities for improvement. You may maximize the use of your preparation time and concentrate your efforts on what matters most.

You may quickly clear up any of your doubts by asking questions to knowledgeable professors, which are available 24*7 a week at Edufoster Institute. Edufoster provides complete mock exams and practice papers to boost your confidence. These practice exams will enable you to become familiar with the structure, tempo, and degree of difficulty of the actual CAT exam setting.

Effective study tools are important, as the Edufoster Institute is aware. They offer the top study resources that have been selected based on the most recent CAT pattern and curriculum. As a result, you don't need to stress about locating the appropriate books or materials since Edufoster Institute has you covered.

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