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Can I crack JEE with online coaching

Online preparation for exams like JEE Main has become very popular among students these days. As, online coaching is a convenient way to study, so here’s some insight on how you can crack JEE with Online Coaching, check out the now!

December 15, 2021

By Arun Garg

Entrepreneur I Writer


Lets see, how to crack JEE by Best Online Coachings. Do the Best Online IIT JEE Examination Prepartion by Joining the Top Most online IIT JEE Coaching as per CoachingSelect education listing on Best Online Coaching for IIT JEE.

Why is Online Coaching better for the IIT JEE Exam?

Online classes for JEE exams are better when compared to offline courses. This is because students and teachers can communicate with each other through the internet, exchanging their knowledge quickly.

  1. Time saver: Students don’t have to waste their time and energy traveling to attend classes. Online classes are designed for self-studying students.
  2. Affordability: And the best part is that online courses are way cheaper when compared to offline methods. You can easily record a lecture and watch it later if you don’t understand a concept well.
  3. Comfortable sessions at your own place: You can engage with your teachers and quickly get your doubts cleared. Even if you are sick or busy somewhere, you can promptly attend online classes in the comfort of your home. JEE Main online coaching is also a good alternative considering the busy schedule of students due to schools.
  4. Flexible learning hours: The good part of taking JEE Main online classes is that students have flexibility in learning hours and they can study from their home. JEE Main is a very tough exam in terms of the number of applicants and the total number of seats available for admission.
  5. Proper planning: Students have to prepare extremely well in order to crack the exam and thus JEE Main online coaching plays a very important role in cracking it down. In this article, we are providing the best way to study online, preparation tips for online study, and other essential guidelines of JEE Main.

Online coaching is not much different from traditional classroom coaching. The requirement from students is the same i.e. to get good quality teachers – who can explain concepts well, should be able to clear their doubts, give personal attention, must be friendly and keep an eye on their performance.

Criteria to select best online coaching for IIT JEE preparation

There are numerous coaching institutes with online learning modules for JEE Main preparation. Now here comes the twist in deciding which institute is best for IIT JEE online preparation. Students are advised to select the best online coaching for JEE Main on the basis of some factors.

Grounds of Evaluation to rate Online IIT Coaching:

  1. Timing of Live Classes - Students must select the coaching which suits their timing. For example, students have time after school hours and so, take online coaching which have classes at that time.
  2. Faculty - Look at the faculties which are offering online courses, how much experience they have, teaching methodology. Many online coaching institutes provide free demo classes. Students must take the demo class and decide whether they are able to understand what teachers are teaching.
  3. Success Ratio - You can also look for the success ratio as to what number of students have been successful with respect to the students enrolled. This can be taken as the effectiveness of the online class
  4. Facilities offered - Students must look for the study materials, mock tests and other aided materials coaching is providing.
  5. Expensive/Fees: Check out the fee structure of different coaching institutes and come up with the institution that suits you best.
  6. Quality of Education (Out of 10 scores): The education material provided by the institute should be the latest, simplified, and affordable.
  7. Subject Specialty: The faculty at the coaching center should be specialized in the subjects which they teach.
  8. Past Results: The past results of a coaching institute decide how much better it is compared to other institutes. In other words, 100 students qualifying out of 1000 is a far better result than 500 qualifyings out of 10000. It is thus essential to make a decision based on the institute’s performance.

Tips for choosing the Best Online Coaching for IIT JEE?

1. Take demo classes (demo classes available on PracBee Coaching)

2. Read the testimonials of that institution

3. Talk to previous year students if possible

Some of the Best JEE Main Online Coaching: Students have many options to choose from for JEE Main online coaching. The selection can be based on the above-mentioned criteria or with the advice of parents.

What are the best Online IIT JEE Coaching in 2022?

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JEE Main Online Coaching




Aakash & BYJU'S




Physics Wallah 








Infinity Learn






Vidyamandir Classes






What does online coaching and Apps offer?: The JEE Main online coaching offers the same classes which teachers teach in the classroom. Classrooms of all online coaching are equipped with telecommunication devices which enables the transmission of lectures to its viewers in the real time basis. Alternatively, all the lectures in classroom studies are recorded and put in the form of videos which can be viewed any time. Online coaching also provides doubt sessions from the concerned subject teachers, JEE Main mock tests and online test series which is very useful in the preparation of the exam. The apps which offer JEE Main online classes provide the same service like live and recorded lectures of all subjects. Mock tests and online test series are also a part of the app for JEE Main preparation.

Free Online- JEE Main Preparation Tools : There are many websites and apps which provide free content for JEE Main preparation. Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India has also launched many portals for the effective online preparation of JEE Main like NDLI, Swayam and also a free DTH channel - Swayam Prabha.

1. National Digital Library of India (NDLI): National Digital Library of India is a project managed by MHRD, Govt of India and Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. Students can visit the website at ndli.iitkgp.ac.in and can access the recorded video lectures by eminent faculties and subject experts free of cost. NDLI portal has a special section for JEE Main online preparation with video lectures, preparation materials, simulations, activities, self assessments and books from CBSE, NCERT and other state boards.

2. Swayam Portal: The portal has been started by MHRD having courses of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. The study material is in the form of video lectures and moduled for a certain period of time. Students can take any course depending on their need and is also free of cost.

3. Swayam Prabha Channel -Free DTH Channel for Exam Preparation: This is a free DTH television channel service by Govt of India with 32 channels for various courses. The programs in various channels showcase classes on Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics along with many other subjects. It is very beneficial for JEE Main preparation.

Benefits of Online Coaching: Learning online has several benefits to students, especially for students who are in college and do not have time to attend the regular classroom coaching. Such students can take online coaching for JEE Main after the study hours of their college and prepare for the exam efficiently. Another benefit of JEE Main online coaching is that it has flexibility of class timing. Some of the primary benefits of online coaching are as follows

  1. Flexibility in Learning Time and Place: This is the best part of online learning which alone serves the purpose of students. Most of the students don't get time due to the classes in colleges. JEE Main online coaching is scheduled in a time when most students are free from their college lectures. The online classes are generally designed for one hour duration with breaks in between two classes so as not to impact students' learning outcome.
  2. Home Based Learning: Studying at the comfort of home is the best part of learning. JEE Main online classes can be taken from home with the warmth and care of parents. Food and refreshments along with learning enhances the exam preparation resulting in better and important studying.
  3. Learning Environment: Many times, in classroom-based learning, students do not feel comfortable due to a large number of learners. At home, students can study at their own pace, as per their comfort level and without feeling uncomfortable.

Preparation Tips for Online Study: Students not familiar with online learning might face some difficulties while taking online classes. Students are provided below some very helpful JEE Main preparation tips for online study

Here are the best tips to study online for IIT JEE.

  1. Join an established JEE online course.
  2. Don’t expect quality JEE online coaching at a cheap price.
  3. Online JEE coaching is better than video lectures, apps and tablets courses.
  4. Be punctual in attending your online classes.
  5. Never hesitate to clear your doubts in the online class.
  6. Make class notes and review them after the class.
  7. Complete your homework and assignments on time.
  8. Recall previous learning before the class.
  9. Revise what you are taught in the class.
  10. Take advantage of the JEE online test series.
  11. Watch recorded videos for the topics which have any doubts.
  12. Take mock tests and online test series.
  13. Refer to the official JEE Main syllabus to know the topics which are asked in exam.
  14. Go through the JEE Main previous year question papers to understand the pattern of exam and its difficult level.



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