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Self Study is the most important aspect which no one can deny, but coaching certainly gives an edge. Good coaching always gives ample time to do self-study. So this is a cumulative list of best IIT JEE coaching’s in India.

February 10, 2022

By CoachingSelect

Career & Coaching Expert


Looking to join coaching classes for your JEE Prep? Preparing for IIT JEE! Checkout our exclusive research on the best coaching institutes in India for IIT JEE. Brace yourself and rock the test.

  1. Allen - 2000+ students have cracked JEE Advanced and 25000+ students have cracked JEE Mains. The best part about Allen Coaching is that it gives individual attention and helps the students to excel in all the important entrances, so they do not only focus on JEE Advanced but also on mains, BITSAT and also board exams.

  2. Vibrant Academy - 1400+ students have cracked JEE Advanced out of 2800 students (i.e. 50% success). The faculties in the top 3-5 batches are one of the best in India. But the important point here is that it is highly focused on JEE Advanced and do not give much time on other entrances and board exams.

  3. Resonance - 3500+ students of Resonance cracked JEE Advanced (note: it is from all over India centers). The faculties in top 2-3 batches are experienced and are well capable to guide you to crack JEE, but the lower batches do not get great faculties.

  4. Career Point - This institute has a number of teachers who left Resonance, but this Institute is not very good for JEE Advanced preparation.

  5. Motion - This is a quite new institute, and that's why it doesn't have much quality teachers and just like Career Point, it is also not very good for JEE Advanced preparation.

  6. Rao IIT Academy - Rao IIT Academy was initially established at Kota by a Research Scientist, a Technocrat - turned - outstanding teacher Dr. B.V. Rao, M.SC., M.S.(IIT Madras), Ph.D.(IIT Delhi) who has carved the careers of thousands of students for over two decades by enabling them to take berth in various IITs so far and has proved to be an undisputed leader in the field of education.

  7. Reliable InstituteReliable Institute, a journey to Excellence. It was founded on 8th February 2020 by Ex - VP's , HOD's & Senior Faculties with a vision to provide excellent career education to the students with a perfect blend of high quality academics, stable & highly experienced faculty team, positive & conducive environment for learning, regular analysis of student's performance, personal care & attention to all students.

  8. Brilliant CoachingBrilliant Coaching Institute is only one of its type in the state and best coaching Institute in Gangtok, assisting students in their career making since last 17 years. They provides courses in Foundation / Medical / Engineering.

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