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Top IELTS Online Coaching in India

The IELTS test is needed for candidates who intend to study overseas in English-speaking countries, as well as those who desire to migrate to English-speaking countries.

April 25, 2023

By Arun Garg

Entrepreneur I Writer


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List of Best IELTS online coaching institutes

Let us assist you in finding online IELTS coaching centres. The institutions in the list below are the best for preparing for the IELTS exam for the following reasons:

  • The expertise and individualised instruction of IELTS experts.
  • Comprehensive test preparation to help you pass the IELTS exam.
  • These coaching institutes add value by providing courses that are regularly updated and well-structured.

1. IDP Education

With more than 25 years of experience, IDP IELTS is an organisation that is well-known worldwide. IELTS is collectively governed by the British Council and IDP IELTS Australia. Additionally, IDP education has more than 45 years of experience as a higher education organisation. IDP has created and organised a free 30-day IELTS preparation course. It is a 25+ hour online study course with free sample test questions. Additionally, IELTS experts offer tips and tricks for taking IELTS exams to help you improve your test readiness.

2. British Council

The British Council has been providing educational services to millions of students around the world for more than 75 years and is currently active in more than 100 nations. To improve your speaking abilities, the British Council's online IELTS training course offers 12 hours of one-on-one interaction with IELTS professionals. Students can prepare for all four IELTS exam sections by taking the IELTS Coach course. It offers online study activities and vocabulary lessons that cover the writing and speaking portions of the IELTS exam to help you improve your test-taking abilities. Additionally, there are no more than 20 students in each batch so that you can receive individualised attention.

3. Udemy

One of the biggest and most established online coaching centres for test preparation is Udemy. It offers 130,000 courses and has almost 1 lac users who have registered. The IELTS courses that Udemy offers were created by IELTS experts. It provides advice on time management and concentrates on the four main components of the IELTS exam: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. The more than 160 hours of lectures cover a wide range of topics, including vocabulary lessons, writing advice and strategies, practise questions, lessons on pronunciation and IELTS structure. In addition, it offers monthly live group sessions and practise exams to help you become more confident.

4. IELTSMaterial.com

The most popular online training centre for the IELTS Academic and General exams is IELTSMaterial. The website provides a tonne of free study aids for the IELTS exam's four sections- Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. Additionally, it offers free grammar and vocabulary lessons as well as IELTS exam updates to assist you in passing the test with a band score of 8 or higher. Additionally, you can benefit from live, one-on-one interactive sessions with IELTS experts to learn more. The live classroom course offered by their live learning portal is a thorough course that includes 100+ lectures of self-paced learning content, 30+ hours of live, one-on-one personal training sessions, and more than 10 practice exams

5. The University of Queensland (edx.org)

The University of Queensland offers a free, in-depth, self-paced course that covers speaking, reading, writing, and all four skills. It is created by experts from MIT and Harvard and offers courses for academic exams. They were given a course that includes more than 80 hours of interactive sessions, new course materials, and videos covering all four sections. Along with a variety of interactive exercises and activities, it also offers sample tests, in-depth solutions, test-taking strategies, and techniques. In addition to IELTS, they also provide courses in a number of other fields, including biology, writing, language, psychology, electronics, and computer science.


IELTS EDGE is an online coaching platform with more than ten years of experience that offers specialised support to help you achieve your goals. They provide access to specially designed word learning apps where IELTS experts can track your progress and call you with callbacks. Additionally, they frequently update their website with free materials like eBooks that can be downloaded, blogs that offer advice on how to ace the IELTS exam, and online webinars. The course also includes full-length test papers, lessons on proper grammar usage, writing exercises, and study tips. Each registered student is given access to a personal SPA and trainer as well. Additionally, it offers 20 audios to help you get better at speaking.


IELTS Elizabeth (Liz), a qualified English teacher, is the owner and operator of Liz, one of the best online coaching portals. For students who want to get the highest band score possible on the IELTS, she offers advice, lessons, and strategies. Through video lessons on subjects like IELTS problems and questions, she covers all four sections of the IELTS exam. Additionally, she provides free information and model responses to questions on her portal. Finally, "on the test day tips" and other helpful resources can also be beneficial. IELTS Liz Store offers study materials that can be purchased, including a range of advanced lessons and eBooks.

8. Kaplan

You are very likely to have come across the Kaplan website while looking for a course online. It is currently active in more than 36 countries and is one of the top providers of online courses. With the help of this coaching portal, students can get ready for 150 other courses, including the SAT, GRE, GMAT, MCAT, GED, BAT, and LSAT. The Kaplan trainers promise to bring out your best. Kaplan provides recorded and live sessions for its two IELTS preparation courses. The live IELTS course from Kaplan includes video lectures, flashcards and practise exams. In addition, you can take part in live-streamed classes taught by top Kaplan instructors to improve your speaking and listening abilities.

9. IELTS Advantage

Christopher Pell created IELTS Advantage as a personal blog to aid many students in their IELTS exam preparation. However, as it gained more popularity, it was transformed into an online coaching portal. In order to strengthen students' areas of weakness, this website offers separate lessons for the Writing, Reading, Speaking, and Listening sections. In the IELTS Advantage course, you can receive individualised feedback on each sentence you write through video writing correction sessions. Additionally, a number of recorded lessons are frequently updated. Additionally, it offers time management tips and practise exams to improve performance.

10. IELTS online coaching

For both individual and group levels, the IELTS online coaching provides IELTS classroom instruction and self-learning video courses. IELTS experts who teach online IELTS classes will help you identify your areas of weakness and give you strategies for enhancing your test-taking abilities. They offer free digital copies of the course materials to students who enrol in them. Additionally, they administer practise exams following the completion of each module to monitor your progress. Personal trainers can also conduct interactive one-on-one sessions, and you have the option of designing your own curriculum. The video course includes tips for all four IELTS exam modules, 28+ hours of video and audio content, and 2 sample exams.

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