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CAT Online Coaching is an alternative to classroom coaching, as it saves a lot of additional resources and is accessible from your home’s convenience. Here’s a list of Top 5 CAT Coachings in India.

October 12, 2021

By Tanu Kapoor

Career Expert & Blogger


If you are new to CAT preparation, and are looking for a full-fledged CAT online coaching, then this is the page that you must completely explore. The blog will help you understand the dynamics on online CAT coaching, thus helping you to find the perfect coaching for CAT. These coaching centres aim to prepare students with advanced and flexible teaching methods. All study packages are tailored to fulfill your need for CAT preparation at your convenience and suitability.

Why should you prefer CAT(Common Admission Test) Online Coaching?

Our fast-paced world is unimaginable without the presence of technology. The increasing popularity of Online Coaching is just another proof of it. Since CAT is one of the most difficult entrance exams, online preparation acts as a boon for aspirants residing in remote places as well as the ones with tight schedules. Not surprisingly, CAT online coaching courses are preferred by both working professionals and college-going students. The following points illustrate the major benefits of choosing the online mode of learning:

1. Time-Efficient: Online classes are a great time-saver. You will save time spent traveling to coaching classes. This also means you can learn faster than in conventional classes.

2. Convenient & Flexible: The best advantage offered by online coaching is flexibility. You can learn at your own convenience as well as at your own pace. In the case of online classes, you are free to select suitable batch timings. All the preparatory material is available to you in your comfort zone. Further, you can revise online lessons any number of times.

3. Cost-Efficient: Online classes save a lot more resources than the typical classrooms. Since CAT is conducted in computer-based mode, it makes greater sense to study for the exam in the alike format. This way, you will need to spend less on buying physical books and test papers. Also, online coaching courses are priced lesser than classroom coaching.

4. Wider Range of Peer Learning: Online courses provide a much broader peer-based learning. as you interact with aspirants from different regions of the country. Online mediums let you discuss and engage with your competitors of different backgrounds from wide and far. This keeps you motivated and helps you keep track of the competition level.

5. Updated Study Material: It is relatively easier and faster to update study materials in online format than in physical one. So, even in the quality of education, online coaching classes prove more efficient in preparing students as per the latest exam pattern and syllabus. Besides, unlike the actual classroom lessons, you can access the online video lectures repeatedly for revisions.

Key Features of CAT Online Coaching

Given below are the main features of online coaching for CAT:

1. Live Lectures: Interactive live classes are conducted to provide conceptual clarity on all the essential topics of CAT. In addition to the concept classes, you will have doubt sessions for various sections of CAT.

2. Complete Study Material: The courses are equipped with exhaustive preparatory material including recorded video lectures, ebooks, assignments, etc. for every chapter. You can go through the video/e-lectures any number of times. Apart from the academic material, you will get to know about the tips, strategy and shortcuts for various types of CAT questions.

3. Full-length, Sectional, and Topicwise Mock Tests: Along with the national level mock tests, you can take sectional and chapter-wise practice tests to get hold of each topic. After you join the national level test series, you will learn about your performance in comparison to other aspirants. Every test is accompanied by a detailed analysis to give you a glimpse of your weak and strong areas. Besides, you get a national-level percentile to let you know where you stand relative to other aspirants.

4. 24x7 Support and more: In order to go beyond actual classroom learning, you have 24X7 discussion groups where you can interact with our mentors and your fellow aspirants.

List of the Best CAT Online Coaching Providers

1. T.I.M.E
TIME4 education has its headquarters in Hyderabad and is India's biggest CAT Coaching Institute. They are known for Mock-test series which are relatively difficult. 


2. Career Launcher
For the last few years, Delhi based Career Launcher (CL) has concentrated a great deal on online CAT coaching. They offer several online coaching courses with CAT content for various sections.


3. IMS Learning
Centred in Mumbai, IMS Learning is an Indian pioneer in CAT coaching. IMS offers two forms of online coaching courses for CAT. IMC e-CATapult LIVE has many Live Sessions for CAT but comes at a higher price. IMS e-CATapult has fewer live classes, and is a money-value package.


4. Cracku
This CAT Online Coaching Institute, based in Hyderabad, was founded by IIT-IIM alumni. It is said that there were over 250 IIM ABCL calls for their students from CAT 2019. Their most pursued online CAT coaching course 'CAT Complete Cracku' is offered at INR 19,999. In addition to this extensive course, Cracku offers a self-study coaching course online named 'CAT Study Room' at INR 9,999 and CAT Mock Tests and Sectionals at INR 2,999. The most appealing aspect of Cracku is that it provides batch-wise assignments and everyday targets.


5. Mindworkzz
Mindworkzz runs both Classroom and Online CAT Coaching. It was founded by the IIM Bangalore Alumnus, Arun Sharma, author of Best Selling CAT Prep Books which are published by McGraw Hill. It runs an intensive online CAT coaching course that provides a comprehensive range of preparatory resources.

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