Best Education Tools for Students
Top 7 Online Tools for Students

Top 7 Best Online Tools for Students in 2024

Here are some of the important online educational tools which every student must know.

October 10, 2023

By CoachingSelect

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Both students and teachers can profit from educational tools. They are transportable and offer practical means of getting access to educational materials. These resources support conventional education. They might represent an upcoming major trend in contemporary educational dynamics.

In order to enhance learning, they have enticing aspects, including movies, audio, and graphics. Students have access to a variety of cutting-edge apps that can be used for research, taking notes, learning courses, and much more.

AI has the ability to create immersive virtual learning environments, "smart content," and eradicate language barriers. AI fills the gap between teaching and learning, develops personalized lesson plans for every student, and does a lot more. Numerous creative businesses are utilizing AI technologies to achieve these results. The top 10 AI tools for students in 2024 are listed below:

The Best 10 AI Tools For Students

There are a ton of modern, powerful tools accessible. They improve instruction and learning processes both in-person and online. The correct tools are not a luxury; they are a necessity if you want to give your students the finest learning experience possible.

This guide is your road map to both free and expensive tools that give students more authority. Start the academic year off well. Let's start now.

1. Summarizingtool.io

One of the most significant and popular writing approaches is the summarizing strategy. It permits us to rapidly and effectively communicate a lengthy piece of information.

Utilizing summarizingtool.io is made easier by using an effective text summarizer. By utilizing AI algorithms, it can condense and concentrate any kind of content. It encourages creativity and improves writing. In essence, it makes it easier for readers to understand a work's point and main idea.

Any type of content can be condensed with it. By sending the content, you can get an accurate summary right away. You can use its summary generator to summarize your information without a premium subscription. You can use it to get an endless stream of summaries.

2. ProWritingAid

For writing essays, research papers, and other sorts of content, ProWritingAid is a favored resource. Students can use this cloud-based service to edit and review articles. The program aids in online grammar and plagiarism checks.

It may be integrated with a variety of apps and is also used as a writing tutor. It is one of the most important research instruments. Reading model essays is necessary for students to get writing ideas. A research paper, essay, and other sorts of content are tested for readability using this tool.

Using a grammar checker can help essays and other academic writing flow better. It highlights sentences, punctuation, and tenses that are used incorrectly. A writing style feature for determining the proper sentence structure, recognizes passive voice, awkward adverb usage, and repeated sentences.

3. Jpgtotext.com

By dragging or uploading your JPG image, use the JPG Image to Text Converter to instantly get an editable text or file. Using online OCR image to text can make all of your administrative tasks easier. Indexing the pertinent data and making it always available, helps improve your machine park.

With the help of this image to text converter, you may save, link, understand, and update data. Data that is manually inputted is also susceptible to errors.

Banks can use OCR to create a database of relevant but natural client information by simply scanning documents. It can also protect your data from serious hazards like fire, fraud, and theft.

4. Ivy Chatbot

Ivy is a collection of AI chatbot technologies made exclusively for schools and universities. They provide support for a variety of university-related problems, including deadlines, costs, enrollment, and application forms. With the help of the data it has gathered, Ivy can create recruitment initiatives.

The AI tool can provide essential information to students. It provides essential details on a variety of subjects, including loans, grants, scholarships, and tuition payments. It may be used across various departments because it can produce personalized chatbots for each one.

The best machine-learning algorithms are available at Ivy. Facilitating knowledge of natural language and context, makes one more proactive and intelligent. Ivy always makes it easy and hassle-free to get in touch with her. So why do you type out your inquiries? Give Ivy a chance to help you directly and discover what she can achieve.

5. Zoom

For online classes looking for video conferencing and meeting solutions, Zoom is the best substitute. The 40-minute time limit for Zoom's free basic accounts has been removed. For hybrid classes, office hours, and other requirements, Zoom offers secure video conferencing.

For students who wish to learn more, Zoom offers HD audio and video calls. Zoom offers a variety of features, including real-time collaboration, annotation, one-click content sharing, and more. The ability to record classes and transcriptions is a fantastic tool. Because of this, they can carry the lesson with them and proceed at their own pace.

Zoom offers group discussions, polls, multi-sharing, and video breakout rooms. Teachers can produce simple-to-follow movies by reusing previously recorded videos. Zoom offers hardware to improve the actual learning process.

6. Grammarly

With the aid of the effective online tool Grammarly, you may write with assurance. It offers immediate feedback on your work, allowing you to check that it is exact, precise, and free of mistakes. Grammarly may assist students in a variety of ways, including helping them write more effectively overall and with higher quality.

Students can find grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes with the aid of Grammarly. Better word selection and sentence construction are suggested by this tool. The premium version aids with text plagiarism analysis.

Grammarly looks for punctuation mistakes, including misplaced modifiers, participles that are hanging off the end, and improper comma usage. It tests your writing for plagiarism, so you may make sure you are not unintentionally plagiarizing.

7. Google Docs

A platform for creating, editing, and storing online documents in the cloud is called Google Docs. It is a component of the Google Drive app family and provides a number of features to aid users in creating, working together, and storing documents online.

Students can collaborate on assignments with Google Docs. They work in real-time collaboration with many individuals on any internet-connected device.

For instance, if a group of students are engaged in joint project work, through Google Docs, they can quickly generate and distribute a document that anybody can edit.


These are only a few illustrations of the AI technologies that are accessible to students. New tools are being created to aid students in their learning process as the field of educational technology continues to advance. Both within and outside the classroom, they enhance student collaboration. Both online and offline, they are simple and convenient to use. They are made to foster regularity and make learning fun.

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