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Top 5 IIT JEE Coaching in Noida

Here is the list of top 5 IIT JEE Coaching in Noida that may help you reach your destiny of becoming an engineer.

July 31, 2023

By CoachingSelect

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The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) is a distinguishing milestone in the world of competitive tests for students wishing to pursue a career in engineering. Cracking the JEE, one of India's most famous and difficult tests, necessitates diligent preparation, guidance, and a caring atmosphere. Here is the list of top IIT JEE Coaching Institutions in Noida. 


Founded in 1992 as FIITJEE group, it is regarded as the most trustworthy brand and valuable organisation. FIITJEE has developed innovative instructional methodologies and achieved exceptional outcomes in all targeted categories. FIITJEE has an established track record of excellence spanning over 25 years.

Noida Centre was established in 2008. Today, three study centres are established in Sec-16, Sec-62 Noida, and Greater Noida. The faculty of the institution are highly experienced and motivated individuals. The faculties' goal is not just to educate, but to teach with zeal in order to assist young minds in realising their long-cherished ambition and turning it into an ever-joyful reality by creating an intellectually engaging and competitive atmosphere. For the eighth consecutive year, Noida Centre has produced the city topper in IITJEE, as well as in all competitive exams for students in class VI and above. The Noida Centre has also generated the most choices in the NTSE, KVPY, RMO, and Senior Olympiads. 

FIITJEE goes to great lengths to ensure that its students have access to the greatest study materials. The carefully created course material covers every facet of the JEE syllabus, including the most recent exam trends and question patterns. The study material is intended to improve conceptual clarity and problem-solving abilities, providing pupils an advantage over their peers. Periodic examinations and regular practise assignments aid in continual evaluation and progress.

2. Vidyamandir Classes

The Institute was founded by alumnus of IIT Delhi Brij Mohan, Shyam Mohan Gupta and Man Mohan Gupta in 1986. 

Vidyamandir Classes is extremely proud of its extraordinarily talented and experienced teacher team. Many of the institute's lecturers are IIT alumni or possess advanced degrees from other notable universities. Their experience in simplifying complicated topics into basic and intelligible forms guarantees that students properly comprehend the main principles. The faculty's constant commitment and guidance are critical in moulding students' JEE preparation path.

Vidyamandir Classes provides meticulously curated and comprehensive study material designed to cover the entire JEE syllabus. The study material includes detailed theory, practice questions, and previous years' JEE papers, enabling students to build a strong foundation and gain confidence in tackling different types of problems. The institute's emphasis on conceptual clarity, coupled with extensive problem-solving practice, enhances students' problem-solving skills and time management abilities.

3. Aakash 

With its reputation for quality and established track record, Aakash centre has emerged as a top coaching centre in Noida, driving innumerable students towards their goals. In this article, we will look at Aakash JEE Coaching in Noida's success story and why it has become the go-to alternative for JEE candidates in the region.

Mr. J.C. Chaudhry founded Aakash Institute in 1988, and it has slowly acquired importance in the education field over the years. It has spread its wings across the country, with branches in locations such as Noida. The Noida centre has received recognition for fostering young minds and guiding them to success via high-quality coaching and comprehensive study programmes.

One of Aakash JEE Coaching in Noida's primary features is its team of experienced and well trained faculty members. These teachers bring years of experience to the classroom, simplifying complicated ideas and giving vital insights and shortcuts for problem solving.
Aakash JEE Coaching administers regular mock examinations and periodic evaluations to students to analyse their progress. These assessments allow students to discover areas for development and work on them successfully.

4. Narayana 

Narayana provides a variety of competitive test preparation courses for students in grades VI through XII. We at Narayana recognise the value of Engineering Professionals and their enormous contributions to science, technology, and innovation in the globe. 

For almost four decades, Narayana Coaching Institute has been a beacon of academic brilliance. Dr. P. Narayana founded this coaching colossus in 1979, and it has helped numerous students realise their aspirations of becoming engineers and physicians. Narayana is one of the most reputable names in the coaching field, with a proven track record of accomplishment.

The competitive environment provided by Narayana IIT JEE Coaching in Noida is one of the important benefits. Students may communicate with and learn from their classmates who are similarly driven and goal-oriented. Healthy competition not only motivates kids to work harder, but it also promotes a sense of collaboration and togetherness.

Top Features of Narayana Coaching- 

  • Highly qualified & experienced faculty in competitive exam teaching.
  • Simultaneous board & entrance exam preparation
  • Research-based IIT-JEE material with examples & illustrations
  • Assignments covering all models in each sub-topic with error rectification
  • Academic practise for improving concepts & boosting confidence
  • All India Test Series based on the latest IIT-JEE Model
  • Regular feedback + Doubts clarification

5. Aadi Kautilya

Aadi Kautilya was the result of a quest to bring the Bhagirathi (of knowledge) to every nook and cranny of the National Capital Region.

Team Aadi Kautilya, led by Mr. P. Tripathi (B.Tech IIT Kanpur), has assisted hundreds of students in excelling in various examinations, including school exams, board exams, IIT-JEE, and NEET. Aadi Kautilya has grown from one centre (in Sec-62 Noida) to three centres in Noida and Ghaziabad over the years. Our whole team's hard work and devotion has helped to establish Aadi Kautilya as one of the most reputable names in the area. 

Aadi Kautilya makes certain that each pupil receives personalised attention. They hold question-and-answer sessions to help students clarify their questions and increase their conceptual knowledge.

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