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Best Coaching for UPSC

Top 10 Coaching for cracking UPSC

Craze for UPSC examination has been increasing among the youth, no doubt, metro city has largely grown as the center of leading Institutes for cracking one of the toughest entrances of the country. Check out this article for Top 10 UPSC Coachings.

October 04, 2021

By Tanu Kapoor

Career Expert & Blogger


Top 10 Coaching for cracking UPSC

If you avail strong coaching it will surely help you a lot while writing the exam. We understand that it is not easy to filter the best institutes across India because of these marketing strategies of the companies. Hence we had done a lot of research and are providing you with the list of top 10 IAS coaching centers in India as follows:


  1. Rau’s IAS Study Circle (New Delhi): They have immersive training sessions led by only the best teachers who have first-hand experience with the journals. They have a good test sequence, dependable mock tests, and study notes that are revised on a regular basis. The Academy has a spacious and well-equipped infrastructure.

        Rau’s IAS Study Circle Course Details:

  • General Studies (integrated) Program- 1,60,000
  • Optional Subjects for Mains Exam- 48000
  • Test Series & QIP(Pre 2019)- 9,500
  • Optional Through Questions (Test series for Mains)- 16,500


  1. Legacy IAS Academy, Bangalore: Since its establishment, the Institute has consistently generated excellent results with the assistance of effective tutors, including seasoned IAS/IPS/IRS officers, academics, and exceptional tutors. Because of its facilities and cutting-edge teaching methods, it is regarded as the best IAS Coaching institute in Bangalore. The centre provides free online classes as well as free videos for IAS training.

        Legacy IAS Academy Course Details:

  • Foundation course (GS Prelims paper- I & II + GS Mains Paper- I, II, III & IV + Optional subject)- 140,000
  • Optional Subject- 32,000
  • CSAT (GS Prelims paper- II)- 18,000
  • Essay preparation + Essay test series- 12,000
  • Prelims-cum-mains (GS Prelims paper – I +GS Mains paper – I, II, III & IV)- 95,000
  • Prelims preparation + prelims test series- 45,000
  • Prelims test series- 10,000
  • Mains test series- 19,500
  • Two years integrated course (Prelims-cum-mains X1 + Foundation course X1)- 1,80,000
  • 3 years integrated course (Prelims-cum-mains X2 + Foundation course X1)- 2,20,000


  1. Vajiram and Ravi’s IAS Academy, New Delhi: They recruit the best faculty to mentor their students, and they pay close attention to each student individually. Furthermore, the best academic advice provides you with a very pleasant and engaging infrastructure. Smaller batch sizes are preferred by the institute.

        Vajiram and Ravi’s IAS Academy Course Details

  • General Studies Prelim-Cum-Mains- 160000 (36 Weeks)
  • CSAT- 19000 (12 Weeks)
  • Optional Subjects – 50000 (16 Weeks)


  1. Khan Study Group, New Delhi: One of Delhi’s oldest coaching centres is Khan Study Group. They have successfully coached thousands of IAS aspirants to date. As a result, they have both experience and results to show, making it an excellent place to study for this difficult test. It has a limited batch size and a fee structure that is also fair. If you want to clear the IAS Pre and prepare for it, you can enrol at the Khan Study Group in New Delhi to learn the tricks of how to crack the IAS Pre in just 50 days, as the institute advertises. In addition to the excellent faculty guidance, this institute has a large open library that is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and hostel facilities.

  2. SRIRAM’s IAS, Delhi: Sriram’s IAS is the best IAS coaching in Delhi, with a track record of success. As a result, depending on where you live, you will enter the nearest branch. There is no need to travel to a distant branch in order to receive the best education. The course materials are up to date and useful. Course materials are available for Main Optional courses such as Political Science, History, GS, and Geography, as well as CSAT and GS pre-requisites. Batch sizes are small, and the fee structure is standard but not particularly affordable. The institute takes a 360-degree approach to teaching, from student training to delivering seminars.


  1. Sathya IAS Academy, Chennai: Sathya IAS Academy is a good choice if you live in the southern part of India. This Institute is the best place to go if you want to pursue your studies in Tamil. In the preparation phase, proper guidance is often needed. The expert instructs the candidate on how to prepare, how to plan his research, which optional subject is best for you, and other topics. The academy boasts cutting-edge infrastructure and cutting-edge teaching methods. The fee is insignificant in comparison.


  1. The Prayas India, Mumbai: When it comes to passing the IAS/UPSC test, Mumbai has a high success rate. We cannot overlook the importance of a good institute in assisting students in preparing for this critical exam in a systematic manner. Prayas India is one of the best IAS preparation institutes in Mumbai. There are facilities for the Distance Learning program, the Library, and the Study Circle. Infrastructure is excellent.

  2. Brain Tree India, Hyderabad: Hyderabad has produced a large number of IAS aspirants in recent years. Brain Tree India is a top 10 IAS coaching in India that provides quality education to those preparing for the UPSC exam. The UPSC course materials and IAS faculty instruction are primarily available in English, Hindi, and regional languages. Students with limited batch sizes have the ability to care for each person in the classroom. Research materials that are well-adapted and up-to-date in accordance with the most recent UPSC syllabus.

  3. Astitva I.A.S, Jaipur: Residents of Jaipur and the rest of Rajasthan no longer have to travel all the way to Delhi or any other city to realize their ambition of becoming an IAS officer. For their training, they should consider joining Astitva I.A.S. The free classroom notes and course materials, which include books, weekly and monthly current affairs magazines, are truly excellent. Get the best political science, economics, geography, science, quantitative aptitude, general studies, and current affairs coaching, among other subjects. IAS foundation classes, Pre (CSAT), and Mains coaching are excellent (Optional).

  4. ALS IAS Academy, New Delhi: ALS IAS Academy, which is centrally located in Delhi, is another successful IAS training coaching centre. Students can choose between studying in English or Hindi, depending on their preferences. ALS IAS Coaching has several locations throughout India. The focus of ALS IAS coaching in Delhi is on General Studies, Mains Optional subjects, and mock interviews. It provides you with top-of-the-line infrastructure. Classrooms are equipped with air conditioning. The test series for combined Pre and Mains courses are exceptional.

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