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Selecting the right career path in 5 easy steps

To all those out there, facing similar struggles, here is a blog which aims to guide you on how to choose a career path.

January 13, 2022

By Tanu Kapoor

Career Expert & Blogger


The galore of career options may have opened doors to some new and springing fields but it has also left us in a conundrum about which one to choose and why.

  1. Career Goals: While choosing a career path, one must begin by introspecting. Contemplating your wants will help you get certain with some thoughts. One of the most helpful answers for how to choose a career path is by answering some questions while introspecting. You must answer the questions like- What are my expectations from my career? What are my interests? What are the activities I enjoy doing the most and can make out a career from? etc. After answering such questions, you will definitely reach out to some options worth pondering.
  2. Interests: Before you hop on to a particular career path, it is essential that you must know yourself thoroughly. It is always preferred to have a hold of your likes and dislikes. In order to achieve so, you have to evaluate your interests and skills. As you will be directing your life towards one single path, it is important that you enjoy doing it. With a strong grip over your strengths and weaknesses, you will easily be able to target the perplexing question- How to choose a career path.
  3. Personality: Personality traits should be considered while opting a career path for the future. Often, due to decisions taken in rush, individuals tend to enter a job profile or industry wherein they find it difficult to adjust. For example, If you are more driven towards an artistic job or career, then it would be difficult for you to adjust to the corporate sector job. Thus, it is mandatory to do a personality check and know about the Do’s and Don’ts. You can take various personality tests online and get to know yourself better.
  4. Career Options: Whilst looking out for your ideal job, an effective step would be searching for more and more career options. In today’s scenario, there are a plethora of options available other than the conventional ones. Trending career paths to explore are Career in Artificial Intelligence, Engineering Management, Shoes Designing, Fashion Designing etc. Intricate research in the field of interest will help you find an answer to how to choose a career path as well as you will be enabled with the profiles that are declining or expanding in the industry.
  5. Right Degree: Once you have narrowed down your career option, predominantly you should work upon attaining the appropriate education required to pursue a career in the desired field. There are some specific pathways which would demand certain degrees or certification like Medicine, Law, Architecture etc from the ones who aspire to enter whereas some fields are open to all. Gaining core knowledge of the domain will help you cater to a better impression. Hence, you must dig out the appropriate UG or PG level course which can lead you to your career aspirations.

You must have listened to podcasts and lectures by people who have achieved a great feat in their lives. They often talk about the importance of hard work, perseverance and learning. The confidence with which they talk and the aura they exude do not come easy. They go through a hard time exploring what they want to do in their lives. A large number of people spend a great amount of time in search of their goals and by the time they realize it, it is already late. The first step for moving ahead in your career is to know what to do. It has been seen that people who make the best out of their careers follow a pattern. Dedication does play a crucial role but that’s not enough. Having a strategy maximizes your chances of succeeding in your profession. If you have set your mind to achieve your goal, the next thing you should be doing is to design a career map for yourself.

Importance of Career Mapping

What if there was a way to help you check your progress and plan your activities accordingly? Using a career map, you can easily formulate an approach to accomplish your goals. Your career plan keeps you motivated and ensures that you do not lose focus while pursuing your career. This maximizes your potential of achieving your target in due time. Not only does it give you a roadmap but also helps you land in your dream job.

By the time you make your transition into retirement, you will have a systematic plan to make your path smoother. A career map helps you while browsing through your achieved milestones, to make intelligent decisions about your retirement.

When to Start and Where to Begin from?

It is important that you start your career mapping as early as possible. Designing a career plan is a gradual process that can be started right after you complete high school. It should reflect your skills, achievements, and aspirations. By the time you prosper in your life, you can go on adding things and arranging the contents in it according to your priority. It becomes essential that you revisit your formulated layout to assess what your next course of action should be.

During the time you graduate from your high school, the decisions are highly influenced by your parents. You may choose to follow a career path that suits your interest and fits your need. By the time you plan to seek admission in college, the decisions you take become more consequential which can have a life-changing impact on you.

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