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Online gaming has a huge potential and new opportunities both on the technical/design side as well as on the business side. Here are a few options and careers to think of related to online gaming.

May 09, 2022

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Career in Gaming

The Indian gaming business is presently worth more than $300 million, or around Rs 2000 crores. India boasts the world’s biggest young population, with 1.3 billion people, two-thirds of whom are under the age of 35. With this particular edge, India has the potential to become one of the world’s most important gaming marketplaces. Though it is a wonderful blend of technology and creativity, the competition in the game business is astoundingly intense and far beyond anyone’s expectations.

Here are a few options and careers to think of related to online gaming:

  1. GAME PLAY TESTER: Although people assume that the job of Game Tester is just to play games all day long, their main responsibilities include quality assurance of games, identifying bugs, and suggesting improvements to the programmers. Their work entails enhancing the quality and gaming experience of their product before it steps down into the market.

Preferred Qualification: B.tech/BE in Computer Science followed by a professional certificate from the Indian Testing Board or equivalent reputed organization.

  1. GAME ANIMATOR AND VISUAL ARTIST: The ability to create gaming characters that come to life visually can land an individual a successful career in the gaming industry as a Game Artist or Animator. These enthusiasts are in charge of creating realistic 2D and 3D images of characters, scenery, and objects present in the product and use them to create graphics in the game. Specifically speaking, the artists design the characters mostly in raw form and later animators give shape to their mold using computer graphics and create lifelike characters with realistic visuals.

Preferred Qualification: Bachelor’s degree in Computer Graphics or Art or Animation or Illustration.

  1. INTERPRETERS AND TRANSLATORS: Needless to say, to make a game successful in the global market, it is essential to curate it for international audiences. In short words, “localise it”. The prime role of interpreters and translators is to make a gaming product available in multiple languages in order to increase its reach. Broadly speaking, interpreters are in charge of converting the dialogues of gaming characters into languages understood globally. Whereas, translators convert the documentation and instructions presented in the game to other languages so that they can be marketed in the global market.

Preferred Qualification: There are no hard and fast rules as of yet, as this career option is not very common.

  1. MARKET RESEARCH ANALYST: You don’t necessarily need a technical background to grab a job in the gaming domain. Even marketing professionals can find work in a variety of ways within the gaming industry. A market research analyst uses their research skills to analyze the core industry and its key trends and use this data for carrying out various campaigns which are significant for the gaming product’s reach and success.

Preferred Qualification: A Bachelor's degree in Marketing or Statistics

5. GAME DESIGNER: Every game that gets introduced In the market goes through the architectural process of a Game Designer. The main objective of a Game Designer is to dedicate their skills on constructing the entire virtual universe of a particular game. From taking the lead in big picture designs to gaming visuals, a Game Designer is in charge of the entire general framework an planning of a quality game.

6. GAME DEVELOPER: With an obligatory sense of advanced technological knowledge, a Game Developer is someone who is in charge of all the coding while developing a game. It is necessary that the Developer is articulate with high level computer knowledge and codes proficiently in the required programming language. Most of the time, the quality of the game depends on the coding ability of the developer as it determines the performance of the software.

7. SOUND DESIGNER AND AUDIO ENGINEER: The quality of sound is one of the most crucial elements of a game. Although it hardly gets the required recognition as sound gets lost in between the graphics and visuals, a quality game can become insignificant without a good sound structure. Hence, sound designers and audio engineers are highly on demand in the gaming industry. By profession, they are in in-charge of the entire audio content including the dramatic gun shots and background music that you get to listen while playing a game.

Career Paths

  • Gaming Software developers
  • Game programmer
  • Animators
  • Graphic artist
  • Game testers
  • Customer care specialistshttps
  • Technical support assistance
  • Marketing managers and analysts
  • Scriptwriter
  • Youtuber/vlogger/blogger
  • Professional gamer/Trainer

Requirement for Establishing a Career in Online Gaming

  1. First and foremost requirement is to get a good grip of the video gaming or online gaming industry.
  2. Pursuing higher education programs like and diploma courses that are specialised in game designing, game development, animations etc.
  3. Keep practising and keep pace with new online games that are coming in the market.
  4. Showcase your talent on an online platform like YouTube, Google, Twitch, Facebook Gaming and other such platforms and earn money through Adsense.
  5. Start making online videos/blogs/vlogs on online gaming and start engaging with the public. This will help you in getting in touch with Online Game developing companies and to be in their PR list.
  6. Start reviewing games for the people on your channel and make demo videos for upcoming games. The motive is to be vocal and put out yourself and your skill.
  7. Keep on participating in multiple esports tournaments and competitions to gain exposure and polish your skills.
  8. Try establishing contacts with other established online gamers, YouTubers, game developers and game networking companies. Try to work under them to get inside industry knowledge and gain perks.
  9. Try hands-on various online certified games if not wanting to pursue full-fledged Bachelors’ or Masters’ Programs. One can always learn online and self teach himself/herself. Here are some recommendations for you guys-

Course Name




Game Design and Development by University of Michigan



6 months

Computer science for game development by Harvard University



6 months

Esports by University of California Irvine



3 months


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