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August 20, 2021

By CoachingSelect


Thinking about your career & future but totally confused & worried. No idea about what exactly need to do to have successful professional life and having career which makes you happy and feel contented. I would suggest don’t feel baffled because you have reached at right place where all opportunities are lying ahead to go with which you aspire and got inspired to be by pulling yourself towards it. Here we will introspect all your skills and aptitude to prognosticate accordingly which will help you in getting a blurred image of Job/business that allows you to walk further towards your dream.  This way you will be able to imagine the possibility of reaching closer to your dreams or may be realizing that it is not your cup of tea so to opt for different pathway. Future cannot be predicted or controlled but right direction and correct steps towards it ease the race for path of life and destination becomes low hanging fruit comparative to those who are in vague completely with shady future and ruin their education for short term goals/enjoyment.  

Many students with potential also procrastinate their studies due to lack of lucrative engagement and clarity for future endeavors with real time challenges. For example, Children like to play more as compare to studies but why? Have you asked this question to yourself? Reason would be the regularity in sports. There is a score given by the opposing team to win the match and you need to practice hard on a daily basis to reach there but as far as studies are concern there are quarterly/ half-yearly/ yearly exams are conducted. Due to this pattern there is no day to day chasing which results in last moment preparations & last night studies before the exam. Even it is equitable as we have a nomenclature to prepare anything max 2-3 days before the event.

In general we teach & motivate children for hard work and compel to study long hours to secure 1st position in class/school but remain ambiguous about what after that. Due to this student starts mugging up without essence and importance of subjects. Students become focused towards securing more rather than seeing future or interest in it. First we must evaluate each student’s mythology individually as every person has its USP. It is not negotiable & undeniable but to agree that education is must and enjoyed on all stages of its cycle. It should not become cumbersome forever as mandatory thing from initial stage of life onwards. It need to be prescribed how current education will help in future and why you are studying it. This way it will encourage and urge you to go in-depth instead of just aiming short term goals like scoring well in exams only.

Ours way of counselling is not depend on aptitude tests which defines what to go with, instead, we do mirroring of you. Our goal is to synchronize the minds which possess entire you and engulfed with profound knowledge to find right way available down the line to make your dreams come true. Helping you in brooding your right skills which will make you successful and better person to ease your journey turning it a cakewalk for you.

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