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Is IELTS required for Australia

The blog is prepared for candidates who are looking for the exact answer to the question β€œis IELTS required for Australia? Well, to get an exact answer, reading the entire blog is mandatory. Half information will create chaos in your mind.

January 15, 2023

By CoachingSelect

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The answer is that the IELTS is not mandatory to travel to Australia for studying. But remember, an alternative English proficiency test is mandatory for candidates wishing to study in Australia. 

For candidates who belong to a country where English is not the first language, an English proficiency test is mandatory. The authorities that grant the visa have to ensure that the candidates who are coming to Australia can understand and conversate in English perfectly.

Taking English proficiency is not mandatory for candidates who belong to a country where English is the first language. However, they also have to indirectly prove their English skills through academic records.

To be honest, you need to appear for an English proficiency test in order to travel to Australia for studying or working. However, the candidates who have done English-specific secondary or tertiary qualifications or by completing a relevant English language course at the University’s Centre for English Teaching.

We recommend that you must appear for an English proficiency test if you truly wish to study or work in Australia. IELTS is the most accepted English proficiency test and an excellent IELTS band score can simplify the process of receiving the visa to the country.

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Candidates can opt for the following English proficiency test in order to travel to Australia for studying or working without IELTS:


The Pearson test of English is another best alternative that the candidates wishing to travel to Australia can opt for. Let us be very genuine with you. The IELTS and PTE exam are the same when it comes to measuring the toughness level. However, PTE delivers fast results (within 48 hours) in comparison to the IELTS exam. The test will check your expertise in  English listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills in order to give you excellent scores. Many Australian universities and organizations accept PTE as an English proficiency test. The test is computer-based and known for its short questions.


TOEFL i.e. The Test of English as a Foreign Language is a popular English proficiency assessment test. It is to inform you that the test taken at home are currently not eligible. One must take the test at the test center. It is often said that TOEFL and IELTS are both the same when we measure the toughness of the tests. However, many candidates found the TOEFL reading section quite difficult than the IELTS reading section.


Cambridge English (Advanced) is an English Language assessment test that Australian authorities accept widely to grant a visa. One must keep in mind that the test is quite popular for accessing English at an in-depth level. And, merely 5% of people fail the test. The best part of the CAE is that the exam is valid for life as it doesn’t have any expiry date. On the other hand, other English proficiency assessment tests are valid for 2 or three years. But the CAE certification is going to be valid for a lifetime.


In comparison to other English proficiency assessment tests, Duolingo is affordable and less tiem consuming. However, the test has less recognition than other English proficiency tests. But many universities in Australia accept Duolingo scores in order to grant permission to international students.

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We remind you again that many universities in Australia aren’t accepting tests that are taken at home. Therefore, prefer test centers for taking your English proficiency test. We are pretty sure that the blog might have disclosed the exact answer to your question. In simple words, if your first language is not English, and you haven’t done English-specific qualifications then, taking an English proficiency test is a must for you.    You can opt for the most suitable proficiency test after readi

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