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How to Support Your Childs Coding Journey

As a parent, you want to give your kid the very best of everything, and that includes preparing them for the future. Coding is the language of the future and will give your child endless opportunities, check out now!

December 27, 2021

By Tanu Kapoor

Career Expert & Blogger


Why Should Kids Learn to Code?

Coding was once a very complicated combination of numbers and symbols only used by engineers and computer techs, but that is no longer the case. It is now used in everyday life and many different vocations. Many jobs require it as an essential requirement because computers, phones, and tablets are used in everyday life. Programs also need to be versatile to be used on any device.

The reason kids need to learn to code is that they are the future. The younger kids are introduced and excited about learning to code, the deeper their knowledge and understanding of it will be once they are ready to get into a college or apply for a job. Kid’s minds are fresh, and they are able to pick up on things faster than adults.

As the world advances, we will see a greater shift in kids learning to code, and maybe one day it will be taught in schools as important as reading or math, but until then, online computer courses are essential.

How to Teach Kids to Code?

When you start introducing your child, there are a few vital tips that you may want to follow:

  1. Do not force anything. This especially applies to younger children, but older kids as well. Kids are all unique with unique interests, and even if they are not interested currently, they may one day if you do not force it.

  2. Use the curious nature of children to get them interested. “Children will not decide to venture into computers because they’re convinced they’ll get great jobs out of it. They’re children and have no conception of what a great job is except what adults have told them. They’ll only try technology out if they are curious about it,” says James Carver, a tech writer at UK Careers Booster. Play off of their interests and show them how much fun it can be.

  3. The earlier they are introduced, the better. If your child is little, start by teaching them the concepts of coding through offline activities or a fun game. Older children may get interested in coding through games like Minecraft or if they are interested in how games or apps are designed and want to create their own.

  4. Programming should be fun. Coding may once have been boring and complicated, but that is no longer the case. Focus on how much fun it can be to make creations of their own, and they will not even feel like they are learning something hard.


How to Get Your Child Excited About Programming?

  • Focus on their creativity. Kids love to create, and that is what coding is all about. Whether your child loves Legos, blocks, cars, robots, or games, coding can offer something every kid enjoys. When kids realize they can create their own passions, they will be excited to see where their imaginations can take them.

  • Encourage exploration. Every kid loves science class where they get to see how things will react like when you add baking soda to vinegar to bring their volcano to life. In the same way, allow kids to explore what happens when they add different codes to bring their creations to life.

  • Involve their interests. If they love games, create a game like bulk markers & bulk crayons. If they love robots, build and code a robot. If they love certain characters, they can make them on webpages or in a game. You get the idea. Coding is very versatile, and we are confident there is something your child loves that will love even more when they can bring it life.


These are just a few ideas on how to get them excited, but they could also get plugged into coding camps, classes, or boot camps. The options are endless, and the more they learn, the more eager they will be.

Finding other kids their age who are also coding is a great way to get them plugged in and talking about what they are learning. They can show off their creations, problem solve and collaborate together.


Coding Courses Your Child will Love

  • Introduction to Coding for Kids - This course is designed for kids ages 6-8 to introduce basic concepts and build a foundation to build upon. Concepts are presented with fun animated videos and can start creating with a block interface.

  • Python for Kids - A course for kids ages 8-10. Python uses a simpler syntax than other languages and is perfect for beginners. In this course, kids will learn to code with a robot that they program on their own to complete challenges. Problem-solving and computational thinking is a vital part of coding, and your child will get plenty of practice.

  • Kids Coding Languages- HTML/CSS - This course is for kids ages 12-17 and will teach them how to write pure code. HTML is responsible for telling the computer what you want it to display, and CSS makes the display user friendly through fonts, animations, graphics, and page layout. The combination makes this course an excellent foundational course for kids interested in game and webpage coding. It is also a gateway to JavaScript.

  • Python for Kids - Python Fundamentals - A course for kids ages 15-17 with no prior coding experience to quickly and effectively learn the basics and start writing Python syntax independently.

  • Java for Kids - Java Fundamentals - This course is for kids ages 15-17 with no prior coding experience to learn Java, a code to design applications. They will learn the basics through a 16-week course and show off their understanding of the knowledge with a fun project at the end.


Why You Should Invest In Your Child’s Coding Journey?

For some parents coding may be a niche job, but all of us would agree that coding has come a long way from early 2000s. Coding is significantly become part of our everyday life. We deal with codes when we shop online, make payments with our debit or credit cards, with order takeaways, or an Uber. Coding has undoubtedly become a universal language we all make use of daily. So let’s look at some reasons to why you should invest in your child’s coding journey.

You should invest in your child’s coding journey because Coding is the Language of the Present and Future

Our world is surrounded by technology and technology is going to become more integrated into our lives with every passing year.For sure, one thing that you do not want is to let your child lag behind in this technological age. Introduce your kids to coding as coding is the language of the decade and century to come. The way we learned how to read, write and solve basic arithmetical problems – Teaching your child how to code is setting your child up for a bright future. We can’t deny that coding is the now and the future and therefore is one of the wisest investments to make in your child’s learning journey. So you should confidently invest in your child’s coding journey.

Coding boosts Critical Thinking in kids

It almost a universal truth now- coding helps children’s cognitive ability. This was reflected in a study published in Computers in Behavioural Science journal and many similar studies. Better critical thinking means better ability of analysis and interpretation while being open-minded. Critical thinking helps kids judge rationally and make effective decisions. It is a much needed ability that a child must learn while growing up. Learning to code helps stimulating parts of the brain that aid the process.

Critical thinking plays an integral part in problem-solving. Problem-solving can be defined as an ability of analyzing and breaking a complex situation into small pieces before solving it. Coding instills problem solving skills in kids. Studies have also proved that children who learn to code at an early age age do better in math and other subjects that need critical thinking.

A High Demand and High Pay Skill

There are new job opportunities in the market that require coding skills. Of late, the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) industry has seen spikes in job opportunities. This increase is only going to rise with time as we continue to rely on technology.

A high-demand skill is always a high-paying skill. Jobs like machine learning earn an average of $100,000 per annum, a computational linguist earnr up to $90,000 annually, and a language processor is believed to make over $120,000. As of May, 2020 the average remuneration for computer and information-related jobs is $91,250. That’s two times more than the average across other industries. So if you invest in your child’s coding journey, it’s the best investment you will ever make for them.

Coding Helps to Explore Creativity

Creativity is one of the core pillars of coding. It demands the child to be creative when developing a program. Before a child can code, the child has to understand what he wants a program to perform. This approach brings the child to ask questions. One of the first signs of creativity is the ability to ask questions.

Asking questions is the first step to being creative. While coding, the child needs to comprehend what output does he want from the program. This approach builds a magical skill in the child of asking questions.One of the first signs of creativity is the ability to ask questions.

The other is testing out your theories to get the solution. By trying themselves and testing out their theory, the child explores his creative mind while thinking of a solution. An advantage of coding as a child is that the child gets to experience the satisfaction of getting the answer right when the code works the way it should. Such experience leaves lasting effect on the child’s life. They learn to think out of the box for everyday life activities.

Coding Helps to Teach Resilience

Coding can be a tedious task. It entails writing in a language, telling a program to get a specific tasks done. It involves a lot of back and forth, debugging and rewriting, and taking breaks to think about how best to solve the problem. A child learning how to code experiences setbacks and failures during programming. Coding teaches them that failing is okay and a part of a success journey. The best thing about coding is that kids learn to bounce back from setbacks and learn how to take constructive criticism positively to improve their skills.

We cannot wait to see all your child has in store for their future using these vital skills. Kids are the future, and it is time to train and prepare them to play a vital role in the workforce. We want to provide them with the necessary skills to live up to their true potential.

Be sure to make it fun, let them take breaks, encourage their creative differences, and give them the resources they need to excel. Check out our courses, talk to your child, and get them started today

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