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How to Keep Yourself Motivated to Study

Be productive to be motivated. You can only unleash your real potential by understanding the true purpose of your learning. To trigger your 2.0 version every time, check out this blog on how to stay motivated.

June 09, 2022

By Coaching Select

  1. Find Your Spot
  • A comfortable chair in a place that has minimal distractions can surely help you focus better.
  • Over a period of time, your mind will eventually start associating that spot exclusively with productivity, focus and learning.
  • So, the next time you sit down to study, clear your desk. Keep your phone away, remove any object that could meddle with your attention and place only the essentials on your desk.
  • If you are studying online, close all the unwanted tabs and block any unnecessary websites that you might feel tempted to check.
  1. Take a Stroll
  • What happens when you exercise? Endorphins are pumped into your bloodstream! This hormone erases the lingering fatigue and brain fog, restoring focus and improving your mood.
  • So, a nice 30-minute walk might be just what you need to focus on studying. It nudges you in the right direction, getting you back on the productivity track.
  1. Go Easy in the Beginning


  • It’s definitely not a great idea to start with the most challenging chapters at a time when you are already struggling to focus.
  • The next time you find yourself in such a situation, go over the previous chapter you recently studied or choose a topic that you know will be easy for you to learn. By doing this, you will not only keep the momentum going but also be able to focus better.
  1. Don’t Forget to Reward Yourself
  • All work and no play means you will find your motivation and focus fading in a very short period of time. Thus, it is important to treat yourself to something you love once in a while.
  • You can pick anything — an episode of your favourite show, an hour of gaming or even a scoop of a new ice cream flavour.

Remember, a little self-appreciation can do great wonders.

  1. Keep up your motivation
  • Once you accomplish the tasks in the list, cross-out the task and reward yourself. Treat yourself with your favourite snack or play a video game or take a walk in the neighbourhood or anything else that you find relaxing.
  • During home learning or home tutoring, such positive reinforcement can keep you going.
  1. Manage Time
  • When you opt for home tutoring sessions or online classes, you may lose track of time. Utilize your time management skills to tackle it.
  • Plan your study schedule and the time needed to study each subject. Set yourself realistic targets. Let the sessions be optimal.
  1. Keep learning and have fun
  • Where applicable, learn concepts by implementing them in real-life scenarios. This is especially true in subjects like Maths and Science.
  • Take time to explore, conduct fun experiments and understand the concepts better and deeper.
  1. Focus on One Thing
  • Multitasking may not work for everyone and it can even become a distraction for some. Especially because giving 100% attention to all tasks is impossible.
  • Get More Done-One Thing at a Time. Zack says that multitasking is a myth and we can actually be more productive by taking up one task at a time.
  1. Take a Cue From Nature
  • One of the easiest ways to be more productive in studies is by making the most of the time when your energy levels are high.
  1. Look at the Long Term
  • Getting things done on a daily basis without a goal is not helpful.
  • There needs to be a long term goal to be more productive in your studies.
  • Establish reasonable goals for a study session. You probably won’t get very far if you look at your study session as "mission impossible."
  1. Use a motivational poster
  • The poster should include positive words and a picture depicting success. You can buy one or even make your own. You can also read inspirational stories about real people who have achieved success through effort.
  1. Reality check of your life :
  • Daily try to connect dots of your purpose with your target,
  • Meditate daily,
  • See where you stand now in your life and where you want to be in few years,
  • Check your ground reality ,
  • Knit your priorities over distractions.
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