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Because business analytics is still in its early stages, here are some possible jobs. These professions may take you far in your professional life and help you to make a good living. Because business analytics is important and valuable in practically all

December 06, 2022

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PGDM in Business Analytics is a data-driven analytics course on business that students can opt for after completing their graduation degree. This PGDM or MBA program is receiving quite a popularity recently. People with a post-graduation business analytics degree are getting better placement opportunities compared to other courses.

Even the pay scale offered to a business analyst degree holder is higher than others. So you might have understood that having a PGDM degree in business analytics is going to help you a lot after you finish your course. Now, the question is how it is possible. That's why we are here to answer your doubts in this regard.

What is PGDM in Business Analytics?

The main objective of a PGDM or MBA course in business analytics is to help in rapid business growth with the help of data science and analytics skills. In this postgraduate degree students can get to learn business data, and analysis skills based on technology.

The courses offered methods that will help to understand business in a data-driven way and analytics helps to improve a business better. To understand business analytics students should have some basic knowledge of statistics.

The course has many specialization options. For example - Marketing Analytics, Product Analysis, Risk Analytics, KPI analytics etc. Each specialization has different career opportunities for students. The initial preparation is important to land a successful job after the course.

How to Get Started With PGDM or MBA in Business Analytics to Get a Job?

Students must know how to get started with a PG diploma in business analytics to get a job afterwards.

Clear Understanding of the Course

The first thing you need to do is to understand the scope and opportunities of the business analytics course. Most of the students proceed with this course without having proper knowledge of it. As a result the opportunities of getting a good job decrease. So, students first need to do their own R&D about the course without blindly just following the trend.

Choose the Best Possible Program

Now, once you have properly understood the course values, structures etc. and if you are comfortable enough to go with it, you need to look for the best course for you. There are plenty of courses available to go with each having different scopes in the job market. Choose wisely in which you have most of your interest.

Look For Live Project Opportunities

If you get any job opportunity during your course, don't just jump on just any of it. It may lead to an opportunity loss if your performance won't stand out. Before it, you may start working with some practical projects or internship programs where you can practically test your knowledge and sharpen your skills.

Look for a Job

Now you are all set to work as a business analyst. Start looking for suitable jobs that are best in the industry and that suit your profile as well.

What are the Job Opportunities That You Can Get after Getting PGDM in Business Analytics?

There are plenty of job opportunities that you can get after specializing in Business Analytics.

Data Scientist

The most popular job role nowadays is the role of a data scientist. You can easily grab this opportunity after completing your PGDM in Business Analytics degree.

A data scientist analyzes a different pool of data and figures based on mathematical calculation and scientific methodologies to prepare business reports, forecasting etc. Currently, this profession is in demand and the payment associated with this job role is also good.

Business Analyst

The next big career option is to become a business analyst. As a business analyst, you must have in-depth business knowledge of everything, from marketing to procurement, from accounting to distribution.

Based on your insightful knowledge a business will grow further. As this job role requires in-depth knowledge of all business aspects, candidates having equivalent degrees are selected as first priority.

Market Research Analyst

A market analyst should have complete knowledge of the business market for their organization. The main role is to understand the nature of the base customers and competitors so that businesses can perform well.

Market research analysts need to collect relevant data, analyze it and hold surveys for practical knowledge and then simplify all this information into reports. Based on their report, companies will plan their market strategies to improve their business.

Computer System Analyst

The job of a computer system analyst is very challenging yet interesting. They ensure that the computer system of a business organization is running smoothly and working at its optimal stage or not.

They must have detailed knowledge of the entire computer system including hardware and software knowledge so that they can understand the requirements of the business and manage the entire computer module efficiently with the help of IT professionals.

Quantitative Analyst

Another popular job role that you can bag out after having your PG in business analytics is the role of a quantitative analyst. The main part of this job role is associated with the risk management of a business.

Quantitative analysts should have great skills in mathematics and statistics and they have to use these skills to collect relevant data on finances and risks and interpret the same.

Candidates who have knowledge of this particular field will be treated as an asset to those industries where business investment is a big issue. Also, candidates can get a lucrative salary for this post.

Healthcare Analyst

This is a very crucial job role that you can get in any medical sector or healthcare division. In the medical field, a lot of data is generated each and every day and without proper recording, analysis, sorting and maintenance, this data will either become irrelevant or get misplaced.

The job role of a Healthcare Analyst is to take care of all these medical databases by keeping proper records of everything and then making analyses from it so that they can be stored in a precise format. This job role also pays candidates very well.

Above are some examples of how you can use your PGDM in Business Analytics Delhi NCR degree to get a good job. There are plenty of other options too that you can pursue as a career. When you go to the relevant course, you can find these opportunities yourself.

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