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How Online Calculators helped me with My First Job as a Math Tutor

With a bulk of career options as a Math Tutor, there are numerous struggles you have to face in this journey. Let's learn about some of the Math Tools that will help you to overcome your obstacles in this journey.

September 07, 2023

By CoachingSelect

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Mathematics has always been a formidable challenge for me. Despite my struggles, I decided to apply for a job as a math tutor in the USA, leveraging my math degree as my ticket in. To my surprise, after a general interview, I was hired for the position. I was the person who never understood math in my learning era but now I’m one of the best local tutors in my town. Last month I decided to write about my journey and today I’m writing about it. In this article, I will share my struggles and resources which helped me become a good local tutor. Let’s start.

My Math Struggles

My initial first step into the world of mathematics as a tutor proved to be a challenging journey. My first experience as a math tutor was quite a tough journey. Mathematics was now the center of my job which had always puzzled me. I was not only dealing with the responsibility of teaching it but also trying hard to really understand its complexities.

My college degree had given me a solid theoretical foundation, but applying these ideas in practice was a whole new challenge I faced every day. The pressure of this new task weighed heavily on me, and my self-doubt was always there, hiding in the background.

In the middle of all these confusing times, I started a mission to get better at math. During this journey to improve myself, online calculators became my reliable friends. They helped me connect the gap between math theory and using it in the real world.

Discovering Online Solutions:

As my self-doubt lingered, I began searching the internet for resources to enhance my mathematical proficiency. That's when I discovered a lifeline - online calculators. These digital tools became instrumental in helping me overcome my mathematical shortcomings and excel in my role as a math tutor. Here are a few online calculators that helped me along the way:

1. Integral Calculator:

The integral calculator quickly became my go-to tool for solving complex integrals. Its step-by-step solutions and explanations made it easier for me to understand and teach the complexities of calculus.

This calculator helped me break down numerous difficult integration problems into manageable segments, making it comprehensible for both me and my students.

With its assistance, I could confidently explain the fundamentals of integration, turning what was once a difficult task into a valuable learning experience.

2. Derivative Calculator:

Understanding derivatives was important in teaching calculus effectively. The derivative calculator simplified the process by providing instant solutions and graphical representations.

This calculator helped me see ideas better and explain them more clearly to my students. The instant feedback and visual aids not only made me understand things better but also made it easier for my students to get a handle on these important ideas. The derivative calculator became a crucial tool in my teaching toolkit.

3. Wolfram Alpha:

Wolfram Alpha is a powerful computational engine that became my secret weapon. It can solve a wide range of mathematical problems, from algebraic equations to advanced calculus.

Whenever I encountered a particularly challenging question, Wolfram Alpha provided invaluable assistance by showcasing multiple approaches to solving it.

The comprehensive nature of this tool allowed me to explore various problem-solving methods, enhancing my own mathematical knowledge and enabling me to present alternative approaches to my students.

Wolfram Alpha transformed me from a hesitant math tutor to a confident educator who could tackle even the most difficult mathematical queries.

4. Calculators:

Calculatores proved to be a versatile resource, offering a huge collection of online calculators for various mathematical concepts. Whether I needed assistance with statistics, geometry, or trigonometry, this website had a calculator to simplify the process.

It became my one-stop-shop for mathematical problem-solving. Having access to a wide array of calculatores allowed me to diversify my teaching approach, adapting to the unique needs and learning styles of my students.

With calculatores, I could provide practical examples and exercises for a wide range of mathematical topics, making my lessons engaging and informative.

5. Symbolab:

Symbolab was another invaluable resource in my journey as a math tutor. Its step-by-step solutions and extensive equation database were immensely helpful in breaking down complex mathematical problems.

Symbolab's interactive approach allowed me to teach my students how to navigate intricate equations with confidence. The tool also provided a platform for students to practice and gain proficiency in solving mathematical challenges independently.


Online calculators were the unsung heroes of my journey as a math tutor. They not only aided me in understanding complex mathematical concepts but also empowered me to teach with confidence. These digital tools transformed my struggles into strengths, making math accessible and engaging for both myself and my students. As I continued to explore and utilize these resources, I gained the skills and knowledge required to excel in my first job as a math tutor in the USA.

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