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Best coaching for CLAT VS SelfPreparation

Explore the advantages of enrolling in the best coaching for CLAT versus opting for self-preparation. Make an informed decision to excel in your CLAT journey.

March 20, 2024

By CoachingSelect


Even before starting to prepare for the exam, many CLAT aspirants encounter an unavoidable choice: would self-preparation be helpful enough or is it essential to take up coaching classes? In exceptional cases, it might be possible to do well in law entrance exams for some students without taking any coaching classes. However, you cannot overlook several advantages of classroom learning. In fact, there cannot be any suitable alternative to the Best coaching for CLAT.

Some students come with specific background knowledge of English, Logical Reasoning as well as General knowledge. This provides them with a great advantage over others when it comes to self-preparing for this exam. However, as formerly mentioned, this cannot be the case for everyone. With that in mind, this post attempts to take you through all the advantages of coaching learning over self-preparation and the pitfalls of self-preparation in CLAT examinations.

1. Preparation Structure 

Self-preparation most of the time lacks a structural preparation, which is very important to crack any competitive examination. Students with superficial knowledge and ideas fail to make a proper decision regarding how they wish to go with their syllabus. This leads to an imbalanced preparation which is not good for a CLAT aspirant.

In the case of coaching, the students become bound to follow a schedule for their classes, mock tests as well as assessments, etc. Plus, they get enough time for self-assessment and comprehensive preparation.

2. Preparation Material

The student benefits from quality preparatory material in coaching learning in the Best coaching for CLAT. However, in the case of self-preparation, the student finds it problematic to identify and accumulate proper and quality material for studying.  After all, it is quite difficult for the students to get relevant material for subjects like legal aptitude and Critical Reasoning.

3. Access to Experienced Mentors

Like quality coaching and a structured approach, the right mentor is crucial for an aspirant. One-on-one learning along with engagement with the mentors is considered much more conducive than mere self-preparation. Many aspirants learn more by listening and engaging than only by reading. This kind of learning helps in better and longer retention of data in aspirants’ minds. Plus, the availability of expert mentors further ensures that the doubts are addressed and solved immediately.

4. Thorough Understanding of ‘Legal Aptitude’

It is important to note that a subject like ‘Legal reasoning’, cannot be excelled with self-preparation. Legal Reasoning is a tricky subject for candidates who do not have a background with sufficient exposure to this subject. Getting in touch with lawyer mentors who have real law school experience delivers clarity and comfort to students in approaching the subjects.

5. Consistent Assessment and Guidance

In self-preparation, the students are often unable to evaluate their position in preparation. Without a mentor, it is not at all possible to get consistent guidance on whether or not the candidate is going in the right direction. Self-preparing students lack networking since they are not a part of a peer group. Thus, they fail to compare their position which makes it difficult for them to improve in a particular subject.

The above points aim to explain the importance of Best coaching for CLAT over self-preparation in the scenario of CLAT exam preparation. Check out other blogs for other relevant info.

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