Best UPSC Coaching in New Delhi
Top UPSC Coaching in Rajinder Nagar

Best UPSC Coaching in Rajinder Nagar

Rajinder Nagar coaching institutes attract students from all over India who come to study for various competitive examinations. Here is the list of top UPSC Coaching institutions in Rajinder Nagar.

August 19, 2023

By CoachingSelect

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1. Vajiram and Ravi

Vajiram and Ravi, which was founded in 1976, has made a niche for themselves in the realm of civil services tutoring. It has been linked with high-quality education and steady performance throughout the years. Professor P. Velayutham founded the institute, which has produced a significant number of successful candidates throughout the years.

UPSC preparation necessitates a deep comprehension of the material as well as effective study methodologies. Vajiram and Ravi have created a thorough and painstakingly constructed curriculum that covers all of the areas and themes necessary for the test. Their training modules are routinely updated to reflect the ever-changing nature of the UPSC syllabus and current events. Since its foundation, the Institute has assisted over 5000 students in gaining admission to the Civil Services, including the IAS, IFS, IPS, and other Central Services. Every year, a few of the candidates of this institution are among the first ten rank holders.

Vajiram and Ravi's success stories speak loudly about the institute's performance as a coaching institute. Many of the applicants who have passed through its doors have obtained outstanding results in the UPSC test. These success stories attest to the institute's dedication to developing talent and converting dreams into accomplishments.

Address Vajiram & Ravi
9-B, Bada Bazaar Marg
Old Rajinder Nagar
New Delhi - 110060
Landmark: Karol Bagh Metro Station
Official Website https://vajiramandravi.com
Contact 011-4100-7400



Sriram's IAS Coaching was formed with the goal of providing UPSC candidates with high-quality instruction and steadfast assistance. With the experience of more than 35 years in UPSC Exam preparation at Delhi, it has evolved into a prominent institution throughout the years. The constant dedication to its basic ideals of honesty, creativity, and diversity distinguishes Sriram's IAS Coaching.

The faculty is the foundation of every successful coaching institution. The mentors provide not just a thorough grasp of the examination's complexities, but also the empathy necessary to assist and inspire candidates through the difficult road. Students benefit greatly from their thorough instructional techniques, smart ideas, and personalised support. Sriram's IAS Coaching is distinguished by its extensive study material. The institute offers thoroughly studied and up-to-date resources that cover the complete UPSC syllabus. These materials not only help to lay a solid basis, but also to get a thorough comprehension of complicated subjects. In addition, Sriram's IAS Coaching uses cutting-edge technology to deliver online resources, quizzes, and test series to enhance the learning experience.

Year after year, a significant proportion of the institute's students get high marks in the Civil Services Examination. These accomplishments not only demonstrate Sriram's IAS Coaching's legitimacy, but also motivate future aspirants to strive for perfection.

Address SRIRAM's IAS TOWERS, 10-B, Pusa Road, Old Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi - 110060
Official Website https://www.sriramsias.com/
Contact (011) 42437002, +91-9811489560


3. KSG

With providing remarkable results in UPSC Exam they highlighted the names of successful candidates like Srushti Jayant Deshmukh, Tina Dabi and Rachit Raj. The highest achievement of this institution comes from UPSC Civil Services Exam 2018, where all the Top 10 successful candidates belonged to this institution. KSG, founded by Dr. Khan and Dr. Shabeena Khan, has blazed a trail in the world of IAS coaching. What distinguishes this coaching centre is its dedication to overall growth and personalised attention.

The classrooms are large and have fewer candidates for greater contact and attentiveness. Students are given regular homework after class to help them better comprehend various themes and subject matter. The KSG has a limited number of seats, and admittance is on a first come, first served basis. The faculty is the backbone of every coaching facility, and KSG takes great satisfaction in its team of seasoned educators and subject matter specialists. KSG staff members not only have in-depth understanding of the UPSC syllabus, but they also have a unique capacity to interact with students, making the learning experience entertaining and successful.

Acing the UPSC exams involves not just extensive knowledge, but also good time management and exam planning. KSG's test series is purposefully created to resemble the actual examination format, allowing students to practise and enhance their performance under real-world exam settings. Students may pinpoint their areas of development and work on them more efficiently with detailed feedback and analysis offered after each test.

Address 56/4 Ground Floor & 32,
Old Rajender Nagar, Bada Bazaar Road,

Official Website https://www.ksgindia.com/

9990999707, 8826002521


4. Rau's IAS

Rau's IAS Coaching, founded in 1953 by Dr. S. Rau, has a long history of moulding the lives of innumerable public officials. Dr. Rau's objective was to equip applicants with complete and holistic coaching, not just for passing the test, but also for laying a solid basis for a successful administrative career. This dedication to thorough preparation distinguishes Rau's from its competitors and is a driving reason behind its success.

Any coaching institute's faculty is its backbone, and Rau's IAS Coaching has an amazing team of educators. To coach and advise the students, the institution has constantly recruited seasoned professors, retired public officers, and industry specialists. Rau's IAS Coaching takes a multi-faceted, well-structured approach to UPSC preparation. The curriculum is designed to cover all components of the test - Prelims, Mains, and Interviews - while emphasising conceptual comprehension. The study material is thoughtfully developed with the dynamic character of the UPSC curriculum in mind. Regular assessments, both online and offline, let students assess their progress and discover areas for improvement.

The achievements of an institute's students can be used to gauge its performance. Rau's IAS Coaching has continuously generated a surprising number of successful candidates who have not only passed the UPSC test but have also succeeded in their careers as government officials throughout the years. 

Address 11B, Old Rajinder Nagar,
(Close to Karol Bagh metro station)
New Delhi – 110060
Official Website https://www.rauias.com
Contact 011–4078 6050, 98101 84722



Mr. B. Singh (Ex-IES), CMD of the MADE EASY Group, whose aim is to provide high-quality education, established NEXT IAS Coaching institution. NEXT IAS Coaching in Delhi is a renowned institution, known for its dedication to excellent education and comprehensive development. 

NEXT IAS Coaching believes in a holistic approach to UPSC preparation, aiming to provide students with not just the information but also the skills and attitudes essential for a successful career in the civil services. Their curriculum encourages critical thinking, analytical abilities, and a thorough comprehension of the disciplines, going beyond rote learning. The faculty at NEXT IAS is made up of seasoned educators, subject matter experts, and UPSC toppers who understand the subtleties of the test design and scoring structure.

NEXT IAS provides personalised advice and mentorship, recognising that each aspirant's learning speed and requirements are unique. Batch sizes are maintained small to ensure that students receive individual attention from staff members, allowing them to clarify doubts, seek help, and customise their preparation plans. NEXT IAS has an excellent track record of delivering Civil Services Examination. The accomplishments of their alumni attest to the effectiveness of their coaching technique. 

Address IAPL House
Opposite Metro Pillar no- Ninety Six, Near Karol Bagh Metro Station, New Delhi - 110060
Official Website https://www.nextias.com
Contact 8081300200
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