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Best IAS Coaching in Gurgaon

Best UPSC Coaching in Gurgaon

This blog brings you the top UPSC Coaching in Gurgaon that can help civil services aspirants to achieve their goals of becoming an IAS.

August 15, 2023

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First IAS Institute is a leading IAS Academy in Gurgaon. With a proven track record, this institute helps aspirants achieve success in the UPSC examination. The institute understands the toughness of the UPSC exam; that's why they have developed study material that is easy to understand. Apart from this, they have a highly dedicated subject matter faculty. Moreover, this institute offers small batch sessions to ensure that each student gets personal attention. Every month, they conduct a doubt-clearing session, which is very helpful for aspirants. So, if you are looking for the best institute for UPSC preparation, budget-friendly, with all top-notch facilities, then join First IAS Institute.


GURGAON – M26 Ground Floor, Old Dlf Colony, Sector 14, Gurgaon 122001






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2. Gurgaon IAS Academy

Gurgaon, recognised for its fast urbanisation and vibrant educational scene, is home to the Gurgaon IAS Academy, a premier college that has helped shape the goals of innumerable UPSC candidates. The institution has acquired its reputation as a centre of excellence in UPSC test preparation through years of expertise and a proven track record of achievement. Its dedication to developing potential, sharpening abilities, and disseminating knowledge is unrivalled, making it a popular choice among hopefuls.

The academy's faculty pool, which includes experienced educators, retired public employees, and subject matter specialists, delivers a wealth of information and perspectives to the classroom. 

Gurgaon IAS Academy recognises this and encourages students to develop a feeling of community. Peer support, mentorship programmes, and counselling services guarantee that aspirants receive the assistance and encouragement they require to remain motivated and continue in the face of adversity.

Address 474, Singha Chowk, Sector 12A Gurugram, Haryana 122001 India
Contact 9910585083


3. Vajirao IAS Academy

Vajirao IAS Academy, founded by a team of experienced educators, has been moulding the lives of future public officials for over two decades. The institution has grown in popularity as a result of its methodical approach, skilled faculty, and student-centered philosophy.

Vajirao IAS Academy, located in the heart of Gurgaon, has a reputation for generating a steady stream of successful students, many of whom have obtained high positions in the UPSC test. The faculty of any coaching institute is its greatest asset. Vajirao IAS Academy has an experienced faculty, many of them are former government employees, subject matter experts, and scholars. Their thorough knowledge of the UPSC curriculum, as well as their ability to clarify difficult ideas, make studying enjoyable and successful.

Extensive practise is essential for passing the UPSC test. The academy holds mock tests and test series on a regular basis to imitate the actual exam setting. Aspirants may use these evaluations to evaluate their performance, manage their time more efficiently, and gain confidence.

Address NM 22, Block 22, First Floor, OLD DLF Colony, Sector 14, Haryana


4. Sage IAS

Sage IAS Academy has distinguished itself in the arena of UPSC test preparation by consistently delivering remarkable outcomes. With a long history, the institution has fostered innumerable hopefuls, turning their ambitions into reality. Previous year's success stories attest to the effectiveness of the academy's teaching technique and support structure.

Sage IAS Academy emphasises personalised attention and mentorship since it recognises that each student is unique. Because of the small batch size, instructors can identify each student's strengths and areas for growth. This personalised approach guarantees that students receive the assistance they require to overcome obstacles and advance gradually towards their goals.

Sage IAS Academy recognises the value of comprehensive development in addition to academic performance. Personality development, communication skills, and interview methods workshops prepare students for the last step of the examination, the interview round. This all-encompassing approach guarantees that students are not just smart, but also confident and well-rounded.

Address NM-2 , 3 , Old DLF colony Sector-14, Gurugram,Haryana,

+91-81304 33691

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