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Best Career Options After MBBS

Completing your MBBS degree, you can choose from various career options and job opportunities as well as courses for higher studies, check out the list now!

February 07, 2022

By Tanu Kapoor

Career Expert & Blogger


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What to do after MBBS Internship?

After the MBBS internship, you can register yourself as a doctor with the Medical Council of India (MCI) or you pursue PG courses after MBBS like MD/MCh or MBA in Healthcare, diploma in Psychiatry/Occupational Therapy/Sports Medicine/Clinical Pathology, etc.

MBA after MBBS

Many people are also pursuing an MBA after MBBS so that they have a better knowledge of how to administer their staff and provide the best services. MBA courses after MBBS open up another door of opportunities for students. The field of healthcare is revolutionizing and bettering due to people who wish to combine the learnings of an MBA degree to better the deliverance in the healthcare sector. You can pursue numerous specialized degrees like MBA Healthcare Management or Hospital Management as well as Hospital Administration courses.


Most students choose to continue with their higher studies. In a field that is as diverse as medicine and offers various opportunities and choices, there can be a sense of uncertainty regarding the area of specialization. Like the PhD indicates a higher level of qualification in fields of humanities and commerce etc. a Doctor of Medicine (MD) indicates a higher level of specialization among students pursuing medical. Students can either pursue traditional specializations or those in upcoming areas in the field of medicine.

Masters in Medical Science & Technology (MMST)

With advancements being made in the field of science and medicine daily, there are is more knowledge around. The upcoming streams also mean an opportunity to engage with those novel and upcoming specializations. One of the most popular upcoming courses after MBBS is Masters in Medical Sciences and Technology, this new area combines both sciences and technology. Offered by limited universities to meritorious students, this course can take your career to places. The program concentrates on Medical Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Healthcare Imaging, etc.

Diplomate of National Board (DNB)

Considered equivalent to an MD/MS and recognized by the Medical Council of India(MCI), the DNB is one of the popular courses after MBBS. Running for a period of 3 years, the course imparts knowledge in the field of their choice and equips students with skills necessary to deal in emergency situations. To pursue this postgraduate diploma course offered by the National Board of Examinations, the students have to clear an MBBS degree with 50% minimum marks and also have to clear the CET-NBE.

Master’s in Public Health

Public Health is a famous area of specialization taken up by various students looking up to study medical postgraduate courses from abroad. Master in Public Health is amongst the top pursued courses after MBBS and is offered at top academic institutions across the globe.

Combined Medical Services (CMS)

Every year, lakhs of students in India appear for various exams to pursue higher education in the medical field. Apart from the aforementioned Medical Science courses, there are many popular courses after MBBS which can be pursued in India. If you are not willing to pursue another academic qualification after MBBS but want to kickstart your medical career in reputed government organizations, then the Combined Medical Services is an option worth considering. The exam is conducted by UPSC to recruit candidates for various posts like General Duty Medical Officer and Assistant Divisional Medical Officer.

Masters in Health Administration

A master’s degree in Health Administration after pursuing MBBS can equip students with skills to manage clinics, hospitals, and other health-related departments. Usually, this postgraduate course is 3 years long in duration and is readily offered by universities abroad.


As an MBBS graduate, you are equipped with the essentials of the field of medicine and if you have a unique business idea which can contribute to the traditional healthcare domain, then entrepreneurship might be the suitable career path for you. You can pursue an MBA in entrepreneurship or even a diploma or short-term program to know the intricacies of running a business and then you can build your own one from scratch!

Health/Medical Journalism and Medical Writing

Concentrated on the news reporting of medical news as well as dissemination of health-related researches and studies in the media, the domain of Health and Medical Journalism is an interesting and emerging specialization offering one of the best alternative courses after MBBS. You can work as a medical journalist disseminating news reports on recent medical studies as well as focusing of evidence-based news and report to reach the common public of the medical practices as well as publishing your work in medical journals.

Academic Medicine

For those aspiring to become an academician, then the best alternative courses after MBBS for you is Academic Medicine. In Academic Medicine, medical practitioners not only work extensively in clinical practice and research but also take classes at medical schools and mentor research programs.

Health Informatics and Analytics

In order to provide effective and efficient healthcare services to masses at large, capturing, storing, and analysing data is crucial. This is where Health Informatics and Analytics course can come in handy

Non-medical and Non-Clinical Courses After MBBS

If you are searching for courses after MBBS other than PG, there are numerous non-clinical courses available across varied specialisations which you can opt for. You can either pursue a diploma or MD in these non-clinical specialisations and gain a holistic understanding of your chosen area of study to broaden your career horizons. Here are some of the major non-clinical courses after MBBS for graduate diploma and MSc courses:

  • Community Medicine

  • Biochemistry

  • Pathology

  • Microbiology

  • Physiology

  • Forensic Medicine

  • Anatomy

  • Occupational Therapy

Courses after MBBS without NEET PG

There are several non-medical career options after MBBS for those curious about exploring managerial careers or other interdisciplinary job areas. Some of the popular courses after MBBS without NEET PG:

  • MBA in Hospital Management and Hospital Administration

  • MBA in Bioinformatics

  • MSc in Computational Biology

  • MBA/Masters in Pharmaceutical Marketing

  • Quality Management and Control

  • Medical Administration

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