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Which is better NID or NIFT

NID or NIFT, which is better option to go with ? To know more, check out this blognow for depth analysis of NID and NIFT.

July 04, 2022

By Coaching Select


NIFT vs NID Particulars

Name of the Exam



Full Form

National Institute of Fashion Technology

National Institute of Design

Conducting Body

National Institute of Fashion Technology

National Institute of Design

Level of Examination

National Level Exam

National Level Exam

Total Time

2 Hours for B.Des & M.Des

3 Hours for B.F.Tech, MFM & M.F.Tech

3 hours

NID vs NIFT - Analysis

  1. Difficulty :
  • It is a common notion that the NID exam is tougher than NIFT.
  • both exams are conducted at a national level and the syllabus and topics covered are almost parallel.
  • the level of difficulty for both exams remains the same.
  • Only candidates who are well versed with the syllabus can crack the NID and NIFT exams on the first attempt.
  1. Timings and Weightage:
  • NID vs NIFT both the exams are held for different time evaluations.
  • NIFT allots two hours for B.Des & M.Des and three Hours for B.F.Tech, MFM & M.F.Tech. In contrast, NID offers three hours for the entrance exam.
  • the sectional division and the weightage of the exams may differ, and one may find NID tougher than NIFT.
  • the candidates focus on the syllabus that carries high weightage; they also need to pay attention to marking schemes.
  1. Influential Topics:
  • The NIFT and NID entrance exam is held to determine the eligibility of the candidates for admission into different designing and fashion courses.
  • go through the syllabus before appearing for the examination. Additionally, candidates can join the coaching centres for NID and NIFT preparation.
  1. Question Pattern :
  • There is a difference between the NID vs NIFT questions pattern as two different organisations conduct the exams. However, the practice of both exams needs to be done accordingly to get admissions.
  • candidates are advised to follow the marking scheme before appearing for the individual exams.




  • NIFT started : 1986, in collaboration with the Fashion Institute, New York.
  • Aim of NIFT : to deliver high-end training to designing candidates who wanted to make a career out of Fashion Technology.
  • NIFT campuses are located in 16 cities in India.


  • NID started : 1961, keeping up with the demands of local and global requirements.
  • NID also registered candidates in its three campuses.
  • Also, it offers a four-year-long B.Des in 8 different disciplines of design.
  • it also facilitates M.Des diploma courses in some of the courses.


Competitive Level

  • The examination conduction authority may vary for NID vs NIFT. However, the competition is on the higher side of the scale.
  • Moreover, the NID exam is related to admissions into designing courses, and NIFT is dedicated to the fashion world.

The Basic difference between NID and NIFT

The basic difference between NID and NIFT is that the former is arranged largely for designing courses, and the latter is for admissions.

NIFT is far ahead in the terms of fashion design, fashion creativity or fashion technology than NID. The 4 year designing course stands at international level but Indian fashion market is all about copy - pasting. ( even the selection process of Nift is at very low standard, exam doesn't able to select creative minds from crowd of students, the same apply for faculties too). If you are so enthusiast about fashion, NIFT is best.

On other hand NID is known for its hardcore designing (not for fashion, styling or fashion communication). Their selection process is far better than NIFT (instead of some reservation entries) So if you are surrounded by better minds including faculties, your learning chances are better.

Most important, Design students may start small with respect to other career but has huge scope for fast growth as Design innovation is the name of the game and was the reason Govt of india expanded one design institute to five now under Institute of National Importance. Also, the market demand can easily be evaluated by the fact that, over 100+ design college has been approved in private sector to meet the design needs

The National Institute of Fashion Technology erstwhile NIFT is among India's top fashion designing colleges. It operates with multiple branches across the country. In contrast, the National Institute of Design, commonly known as NID, operates with three branches: Ahemedad, Gandhinagar, and Bangalore.


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