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If you are preparing for any competitive exam, it becomes imperative to have a strong command of topics related to science, mathematics, arts, reasoning, technology, and mental ability. Check out some important YouTube for quick access to general knowledg

April 28, 2022

By Arun Garg

Entrepreneur I Writer


Science & technology and current affairs form a major section of the syllabus of a considerable number of competitive examinations. Skills tested under these sections include problem-solving, knowledge of scientific concepts, computer familiarity, basic general knowledge among others. The major topics tested in both the sections have been briefly mentioned below. For more details about competitive exams and best coaching, please visit CoachingSelect.

Science (Physics, Chemistry & Biology) and Technology

Scientific Laws, State of Matter (Solid, Liquid & Gas),
Units & Conversion, Metals, Ores & Alloys,
Image Formation, Nuclear. Elements & Metals,
Synthetic Materials, Cell, Periodic Table,
Atoms, Acids & Bases, Force, Nuclear Science,
IT, Computer Knowledge, Cybersecurity etc

Current Affairs

Business, Major Awards (Domestic & International),
Scientific Developments, Accidents,
Festivals, Government Schemes (Aadhaar, GST),
Important Judgements, Amendments, Disasters, Sports & Games, Appointments, RBI Rate Changes, etc.


In addition to the above primary sections along with basic general knowledge, there are several other disciplines that are included under the syllabus of these competitive exams. Here is a table that enlists some of the major subjects that might appear in the syllabus of a competitive exam.


Modern History, Medieval History,
Famous Rulers, Battles & Wars,
Indian History in Chronology, Reforms and Movements,
World History, Treatises, Ancient Texts & Authors,
Dynasties, British Rule
(Viceroys, Governor Generals, British Legislations),
Social Movements, Monuments


Rivers, Mountain Ranges, Deserts, Lakes,
Waterfalls, Islands, Wetlands, Straits & Canals,
Sanctuaries, Biosphere Reserves, Atmosphere, Lines, etc.


Indian Constitution (Parts, Schedules, Articles,
History of the Constitution, Parliamentary Terms,
Questions & Motions in Parliament, Legislative,
Executive & Judiciary, Rights & Duties,
Centre-State Relations, etc.


Nationalised Banks, RBI, Coins and Currency,
Central Banks of Important Countries,
International Financial Institutions, Bank Rates & Ratios


Ecology, Environmental Issues and Conventions,
Climate Change, Natural Resources,
Wildlife & Conservation,
International Environmental Conventions & Protocols*

Literature, Art and Culture

Film & Cinema (India & International),
Dance Forms, Indian Architecture,
Religion & Languages, Music, Books & Authors,
Nobel Prizes and Winners, Indian Honors
(Jnanpith Award, Sahitya Award, etc) etc.

International Relations

Major Wars (World wars, Spanish Civil War,
US-Vietnam War, Cold War, etc), International Organisations
(UN, WHO, International Criminal Court, EU, etc),
International Associations (SAARC, BRICS, ASEAN,
OPEC, G8, G20, etc), SDGs, MDGs etc.


Basic Facts, National Symbols, Languages,
Courts and Tribunals, States and Capitals, State Formation,
State-Based Facts, National Organisations, World Heritage
Facts, etc


Important Days of the Year, Sports, Social Issues


1. Khan GS Research Center

1. Official account username- @khangsresearchcentre1685

2. Subscribers: 20.8M+ 

3. Total videos on the channel: 360+ videos

Khan sir is famous for his way of teaching. There are no bulk videos on his channel, but you will get good current affairs analysis here. He also covers topics like economics, defense, computer, railways, and many more.

2. Wifistudy

1. Official account username- @wifistudy

2. Subscribers: 15.9M+ 

3. Total videos on the channel: 50k+ videos

Wifistudy is another big name in the field of online study. They provide 40+ LIVE classes daily (Mon-Fri).

Till now, they have uploaded more than 50k+ educational videos. You will get content for preparing for many exams like SSC, Railway, IBPS, etc.

3. Study IQ IAS

1. Official account username- @studyiqofficial

2. Subscribers: 14.4M+

3. Total videos on the channel: 41K+ videos

If you are a government job aspirant, then you might have heard of Study IQ. Apart from Hindi, Study IQ also has channels in Marathi, Gujrati, and Bangla.

Study IQ also provides premium courses, but their general knowledge and current affairs videos are amazing. I strongly recommend you to subscribe to this channel if you are preparing for any competitive exam.

4. Examपुर

1. Official account username- @Exampur__Official

2. Subscribers: 10.3M+

3. Total videos on the channel: 60k+ videos

Examपुर can be the one-stop solution for government job aspirants. Examपुर provides a wide range of exam preparation videos and live classes.

You can start your exam preparation for SSC/Railway/UPSC/Defence/Teaching on Examपुर.

5. Physics Wallah - Alakh Pandey

1. Official account username- @PhysicsWallah

2. Subscribers: 10.2M+

3. Total videos on the channel: 1.4K videos

Alakh Pandey started this YouTube Channel in 2016. Later in 2020, Alakh Pandey and Prateek Maheshwari founded Coaching Physics Wallah. It became a unicorn in June 2022 after raising $100 million at a valuation of $1.1 billion.

The popularity of Alakh Pandey Sir among the students through this YouTube channel led to milestones in the education industry. 

6. Adda247

1. Official account username- @Adda247Official

2. Subscribers: 7.06M+

3. Total videos on the channel: 40K+ videos

Here you can get free online classes regularly to prepare for all the examinations every day. They have a team of over 300 expert faculty. In addition, you can prepare for CET, Banking Exams, Railway, and SSC Exams on Adda247. They also provide classes in Hindi and English both.

7. Unacademy

Unacademy is an Indian educational technology company that provides an online educational platform with its headquarters in Bangalore, Karnataka.

 It prepares students for various competitive exams(like JEE, NEET, UPSC, CA, GATE, UPSC NDA, CUET, Boards etc.), as well as provides content on foundational (K-12) and skill-building courses (programming, photography, entrepreneurship, etc).

It has various youtube channels according to different subjects-

1. Unacademy UPSC (@unacademyias)- 5.24M+ subscribers

2. Unacademy JEE (@UnacademyJEE)- 2.24M+ subscribers

3. Unacademy NEET (@UnacademyNEET)- 1.99M+ subscribers

It is one of the best education platforms, equipped with modern teaching methodologies and technology. 

8. SuperCoaching SSC & Railway by Testbook

1. Official account username- @supercoachingtestbook

2. Subscribers: 3.06M

3. Total videos on the channel: 17K+ videos

Testbook is a comparatively small Channel, but the content quality is unbelievable. They provide Systematic study plans, daily current affairs videos, Exam Preparation Tips, General Knowledge articles, etc. Other than these facilities, they also provide their premium course at an affordable rate.

9. Abhinay Maths

1. Official account username- @ABHINAYMATHS

2. Subscribers: 2.63M+ 

3. Total videos on the channel: 1.1k+ videos

This channel is based on teaching mathematics. He also motivates students, and he is the man behind the “Modi Job Do” campaign. They also teach offline in Mukherjee Nagar, New Delhi.

10. Apni Kaksha

1. Official account username- @apnikakshaofficial

2. Subscribers: 1.66M+

3. Total videos on channel : 675+ videos

Apni Kaksha is one of the fastest-growing educational channels. Its Founder Aman Dhattarwal wanted to make a platform where he could bring top faculties and subject experts and provide quality to free education across India.

Apni Kaksha is now working in the field of animation, where it will be providing animated video lectures to students across India for Board Examinations/Competitive Exams and Placement Courses.



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