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Top 5 Coaching Online Portals for NEET Preparation

While preparing for the exam, NEET online coaching helps to clarify the fundamental ideas. Here’s the blog to have insight on online portals for NEET preparation

January 18, 2023

By CoachingSelect

Career Expert & Blogger


Candidates can choose NEET online coaching classes if they don't feel comfortable moving to a new city to attend coaching classes. Aspirants for the NEET 2023 exam can receive online coaching from a variety of coaching institutions.

According to test-takers' experiences, the physics section of the NEET is the most challenging, so with the aid of online coaching, candidates can learn the fundamental ideas as well as shortcuts for answering questions quickly.

Additionally, NEET online coaching centres will offer topic-specific sample papers and mock exams, both of which are very beneficial for exam preparation.

In addition, candidates can easily use their smartphones to access the content offered by NEET Online coaching centres. Based on student reviews, we've listed some of the best NEET online coachings below.

According to a survey report published in 2020 where the base criteria was personal attention to students, one to one classes, and ranks, there are the top 5 online NEET Coaching centers listed below:

1. Gate Indian Institute of Tutorials (GATEIIT)

  • For almost all branches and subjects, Gate Indian Institute of Tutorials (GATEIIT) is regarded as the best online NEET-UG coaching classes.
  • One of the best online coaching programmes is offered by Gate Indian Institute of Tutorials, which limits class sizes to a maximum of 10 students per batch in order to maintain the highest standards of instruction. Additionally, faculties operate at a high level of excellence with the goal of giving each student personalised feedback on their performance and resolving any individual questions they may have.
  • The NEET-UG Syllabus is covered twice by the online coaching platform, along with revision, to ensure that every student learns every subject thoroughly and without confusion.
  • In addition to providing excellent NEET-UG study materials, the Gate Indian Institute of Tutorials also offers unlimited tests, class notes, assignments, the best professors, and many other benefits to students at a reasonable cost.
  • For NEET online private classes, GATEIIT received the highest rankings and outcomes.

2. Aakash iTutor ( By Aakash Institute )

Aakash iTutor is a digital learning tool that gives you access to video lectures that have been recorded from top Aakash professors, high-quality ebooks, tests, quizzes, and the All India Test Series (AIATS), as well as video lectures and study materials on memory chips.

Advantages of Aakash iTutor are:

  • Get taught by the best teachers
  • Comprehensive content
  • Flexibility of choosing content of one’s choice
  • Doubt Resolution by Experts
  • Best coaching at a fractional price
  • Self-paced Learning
  • Online Test series for different sets of question papers for practice

3. NEETprep

  • NEETprep, as implied by the name, is only for NEET students.
  • For those who, for whatever reason, are unable to move to Kota (the city hub for coaching), this online coaching is a great alternative.
  • It is a blessing for students who live in small towns without any reputable universities.

4. Darwin

  • Darwin enables a candidate to confidently and calmly take enough practise exams with varying degrees of difficulty. Candidates can regularly take the topic-specific MCQs they have been practising and attempt the daily mock tests that are available on the app. They will be better able to understand and feel at ease with the most recent exam format thanks to this, and they'll also be able to gauge where they stand against the competition. They can utilise the platform to keep daily tabs on their development. The revision tests that Darwin offers are very helpful. They assist candidates in determining where they are falling behind and helping them focus on errors (MCQs that might go wrong in previous tests).

5. ALLENtab ( By ALLEN Career Institute )

  • ALLENtab is basically a Testing & Analyzing e-Book which will increase the probability of selection of Medical/Engineering/IIT aspirants by manifolds. It is one of the best e-learning tools for academic brilliance. ALLENtab is customized to improve students’ results and ranks.
  • Benefits of ALLENtab – ALLENtab is a beneficial revision tool for a student which  adds on to improve the performance of candidates  in competitive exams. It provides:
  1. Comprehensive study material is designed by world class faculties.
  2. A student can avail the advantage of e-learning all the way through a string of interactive tools viz. Smarter Learning, Regular Tests, Analytical Performance Reports, SWOT Analysis etc.
  3. With the preparation of target exams, a student can prepare for his/her respective boards examination also as it comes with board revision tools.
  4. With the availability of necessary hints & solutions, doubts can be cleared on the spot, thereby time, energy and money are saved.
  5. Students can create their own glossary & wiki.
  6. Digitized voice notes in huge inbuilt storage reduce the size of bookshelf.

Why should one take NEET Online Coaching?

There are many merits of NEET online coaching, reason why today we see a surge in the number of online students along with coaching platforms. Some of the advantages are listed below:

  • • It is less expensive: The best option for NEET Exam Preparation with the lowest tuition costs is online coaching. Compared to an offline coaching facility, there is a lower fee. Additionally, a variety of services, including concept notes, video and audio lectures, and question banks, are offered depending on the platform for the same price.
  • • Schedule Flexibility: Many students worry that they won't finish their self-study assignments on time. It has a detrimental impact on their NEET or other competitive exam preparation. The e-learning courses are now available with flexible scheduling for all candidates wishing to sit for the NEET Exam. Candidates can plan their schedule for e-learning sessions based on their time availability.
  • Technology Proficiency: The NEET is given online, so prior to taking the main exam, you must be comfortable using technology. Many competitive exams, including NEET, are now given online.
  • It is not geographically focused, so there are no boundaries for any candidates participating in online coaching. Any website, video lecture, or study material can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Additionally, it is also easily accessible from distant locations.


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