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Top 10 Best Online Current Affairs Websites

Top 10 Best Online Current Affairs Websites

If you are preparing for entrance examinations, then Current Affairs are the core of any competitive exam, so here’s the list of Top 10 Best Online Current Affairs websites for your deep insight.

October 12, 2021

By Tanu Kapoor

Career Expert & Blogger


Top 10 Best Online Current Affairs Websites

Current affairs in simple language means "events of political or social interest and importance happening in the world at the present time" Many aspirants they see static portion and current affairs as two distinct things. But truth is that current affairs is an extension of static subjects.

Why is it important to read current affairs?

Current Affairs refer to the events of national and international importance relevant from competitive exams perspective like Civil Services Exam, Bank exam, etc. With the change in the pattern of examinations, questions related to current events and news have assumed a major role in deciding the fate of students.

Broadly, the type of questions asked in the general awareness section can be divided into two:

  • Static

  • Dynamic

The static portion pertains to that section of the UPSC syllabus or other exams syllabus that doesn’t change. For instance, the Revolt of 1857, the physical features of India, etc.

The dynamic portion pertains to current affairs. The best bet to cover current affairs is the daily newspaper and following credible sources like Press Information Bureau (PIB) and Yojana Magazine.

A good understanding of Current Affairs is central to success in the IAS exam, Government exams, or any competitive exam. The current affairs span subjects like history, geography, economy, environment and ecology, polity, science and technology etc. Candidates should remain updated on current affairs that create headlines nationally as well as internationally. In fact, recent trends have shown that the static and dynamic portions of current affairs syllabus have significant overlap. The probability of encountering unexpected questions from current affairs in the traditionally static portions of the syllabus is quite high.

Current affairs different from news:

Technically Current Affairs is defined as a genre of broadcast journalism where the emphasis is on detailed analysis and discussion of news stories that have recently occurred or are ongoing at the time of broadcast. This differs from regular news broadcasts where the emphasis is on news reports prepared for simple presentation as soon as possible, often with a minimum of analysis. It is also different from the news magazine show format in that the events are discussed immediately. According to the UK's Office of Communications Current Affairs is an explanation and analysis of current events and issues, including political or industrial controversy or public policy issues. The office distinguishes Current Affairs from the coverage of news, coverage of special events like parliamentary proceedings, and the coverage of consumer affairs, among other exceptions.

The incidents and events that occur in an individual’s immediate environment are of concern and interest as they are so strongly related to one’s cognitive-emotional structure.

Here’s the List of Top 10 Best Websites for Current Affairs:

1. Jagranjosh: In this site you can get current-affairs on the daily basis about India and also the world. And you can get the updates on the current-affairs month wise or you can download their paid monthly magazine in the PDF format. You can read current-affairs in Hindi and Telugu languages also.

2. General Knowledge Today: In this site you can get current-affairs on the daily and monthly-wise of India and world-wide. You can buy their monthly magazine by paying online. The best thing on this site is you can test your general knowledge by taking part in their quizzes. Apart from this, this site gives you the detailed information about Banking sector which helps a lot of people for the preparation of Bank exams.

3. Best Current Affairs: This site also provides news about India as well as updates around the world, which is basically displayed month wise. On the right side of the website, there is a dropdown where you can select month, and choose to read the updates in that particular month only. There are many sub categories in which you get current affairs of a specific field or domain. You can buy their monthly magazine by paying online.

4. Vision: Their monthly magazines are helpful since they divide it into different sub-parts. Portions of Science & Tech., Environment and Ecology, International Affairs and Economic issues are especially useful at Vision.

5. Study IQ: Current Affairs for UPSC and State PSC can be downloaded free of cost from Study IQ’s official website. There is daily updated free pdf from Study IQ. Also, there are daily current affairs analyses, weekly analysis as well as monthly analysis. Also, there are categories for sports events, burning issues and editorial analysis from newspapers like The Hindu and The Indian Express.

6. The Quint: People who are interested in Bollywood gossip or issues pertaining to the field of politics or sports can explore this website to stay in touch with any hot topic. The website accounts for more than a 150 posts per week and brings to you interesting and entertaining facts about the on-goings in the country.

7. Business Line: If it is the field of business or finance, Business Line is the best of its kind. The website is popularly known for its advanced research works in the aforementioned industries. The website analyses the market, does statistical survey of shares and even keeps you posted about latest innovative gadgets and technologies.

8. TechGenYZ: Keeping its perimeters closely around the sphere of technology and gadgets, TechGenYZ is surely one of its kind. Its global outreach will help you to compare with the innovations and inventions in the countries outside.

9. Deccan Chronicle: One of the most efficient online news portals that will help you with trending news about actors, artists, politicians or sports persons. You can always have access to an archive of images and statements from experts that will help in understanding a topic alien to you.

10. Scroll: The online news portal scroll.in can come in handy if you are looking for news that don’t feature on mainstream news channels. Starting from minority reports to communal riots, Scroll makes us aware of current issues in and around the country.

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