Tutoring in A Level General Paper
Role of tutoring in GP

The Debate Surrounding Necessity or Exaggeration of A Level General Paper Tutoring

Tutoring plays a pivotal role in many examinations. In this blog, you will gain knowledge about the necessity of tutoring for A Level General Paper (GP).

October 12, 2023

By CoachingSelect

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The A Level General Paper (GP) examination, known for its rigorous assessment of critical thinking and essay writing skills, has long been a subject of debate when it comes to the necessity of tutoring. Students, parents, and educators have varying opinions on whether seeking GP tutoring is essential or an exaggeration. In this article, we'll delve into the ongoing discussion surrounding the need for GP tutoring.

The Case for GP Tutoring:

Complex Assessment: GP is unlike most other subjects, requiring students to synthesize and analyze information from various sources to construct coherent and persuasive arguments. Tutoring can help students navigate the complexities of this subject.

Specialized Guidance: GP tutors often possess expertise in essay writing and critical thinking, providing students with specialized guidance and feedback to improve their skills. As Mr Kelvin Hong of Ace GP Tuition puts it: “Our GP Tuition programme helps students to clearly formulate relevant arguments and flesh them out with highly appropriate real-world examples.”.

Time Efficiency: Tutoring can provide a structured approach to GP preparation, saving students time by focusing on the most relevant topics and exam strategies.

Increased Confidence: GP tutoring can boost students' confidence, helping them feel more at ease when tackling challenging topics and complex essays.

The Case Against GP Tutoring:

Independent Learning: Some argue that GP is a subject that encourages independent thinking and learning, and students should not overly rely on tutors. Self-study and practice can be sufficient.

Resource Availability: There are many resources available, such as sample essays and past papers, which students can use to prepare for GP without tutoring.

Cost Considerations: GP tutoring can be expensive, and not all students or families can afford it. This raises concerns about equity in education.

Over-reliance on Tutors: Some argue that excessive tutoring may lead to students becoming overly dependent on tutors, hindering their ability to think critically and write effectively on their own.

Finding a Balance:

The need for GP tutoring can vary from student to student. It's essential to consider the individual's strengths, weaknesses, and goals. Striking a balance between self-study, resource utilization, and selective tutoring is often recommended.


The question of whether students need tutoring in A Level General Paper is a complex one. While tutoring can offer valuable guidance and support, it's not an absolute requirement for success in GP. Each student should evaluate their own abilities, resources, and objectives to determine the best approach to excel in this challenging subject. Ultimately, the goal is for students to develop the critical thinking and writing skills required for GP, whether through self-study, tutoring, or a combination of both.


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