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Study Tips for exam preparation

The general awareness is one of the most scoring and less time-consuming sections in competitive exams. Here are a few tips and tricks for exam preparation.

May 07, 2022

By Coaching Select


  1. Newspapers :
  • Stay updated with events of national and international importance.
  • Reading newspapers, current affairs based magazines, important reports and basic books like NCERTs.
  • Attention to exam specific topics. For instance, if you are preparing for the RBI Grade-B exam then go through the Business and Economics sections well.
  1. Notes Making:
  • Helps in retaining information for a longer duration.
  • Helps you to revise the syllabus easily.
  1. Mock Tests :
  • For general awareness section of the competitive exams, Revision is the key to success.
  • Give current affairs based mock tests on a regular basis. This will help you in analyzing your weak sections.
  1. Verbal Ability Section: This part is to examine your Basic English language skills.
  • Go through the questions before reading comprehension. This helps you in finding the answer easily.
  • Take mock tests regularly.
  • Make notes of vocabulary words.
  •  Practise as many varieties of questions as possible.
  1. Quantitative Section: This section analyses a candidate’s basic mathematical skills.
  • Practice previous year question papers, to know exam pattern.
  • Clear your basics, jot down all the important formulas.
  • Have a good grasp of multiplication tables and cube roots to save time in the exam. Try to memorize the square and cube root values of numbers till 30 and remember the multiplication table till 25.
  • Practice full-length mock papers.
  • Glance through the paper and start with the questions you are most comfortable with.
  1. Reasoning section: Reasoning Ability is another popular section among competitive exams which challenges students to solve questions from topics like patterns, puzzles, analogy, pictographs, etc. Tips to ace this section are:
  • Analyze your weaknesses and pay more attention to such topics.
  • Skip the question if it is taking a lot of time.
  • Start solving questions from easy topics like directions, and analogy and then move to complex topics like puzzles, coding-decoding, and syllogisms.

To Prepare for Competitive Exams with Job

Not everyone has an option to leave their jobs to prepare for competitive exams. So, here we will telling you how you can prepare for competitive exams while doing a job:

  • Weekends are your best friends. Focus on clearing your concepts and doing long-hour study during this time
  • Take support from your manager and ask them to reduce your daily work hours so you can focus on your studies
  • Study in the morning. Instead of waking up late and preparing at night in tiredness, it’s better that you study at least one hour in the morning by solving questions
  • Take coaching sessions on the weekend if needed. Since you have a lot going on, taking external support won’t be bad

To Prepare for Competitive Exams without Coaching

While many will make you believe that competitive exams are virtually impossible to crack without coaching, reality is that if you have a proper preparation strategy and stick to it, you will not only crack the exam, you stand a chance to learn better than others. So, here is how you can prepare for competitive exams without coaching:

  • Prepare a timetable for the exam preparation
  • Start with understanding the core concepts and do not leave any important section
  • Since you don’t have a backup from a coaching centre, you should be open to taking help from other resources like family, friends and even youtube channels
  • Do multiple revisions
  • Mock exams are your best friends
  • Make a study group if that helps you


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