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List of MBA Specializations in India

Choosing the right specialization domain in MBA can help you in determining the potential job you will be eligible for in the future.

February 09, 2022

By Tanu Kapoor

Career Expert & Blogger



An MBA program builds a strong foundation in the basic concepts across various management subjects while developing managerial skills to become a prospective leader in the world of business. Choosing the right specialisation domain can help you in determining the potential job you will be eligible for in the future.

Going for a generalised MBA or a specialised program, completely depends on the student. To make this easier for you, we have formulated a list of various MBA specialisations offered across most of the universities and business schools across the world:


The marketing department within a company carries out the responsibility of bringing in new business for the company and increase the market share for the growth of the revenues. An MBA in Marketing involves the study of the management process through which goods and services move from manufacturers to customers. It also studies the 4 P’s of Marketing: Product, Place, Price and Promotion.

Students pursuing a career in Marketing will get an insight into the areas like Consumer Behaviour, Market Research, Brand Management, Sales Management, Retail Management, Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing. An aspiring marketing professional is an extrovert with good interpersonal and analytical skills.

Human Resource

Having great relational abilities and appealing personality makes a good Human Resource Manager. An MBA in HR involves a study of Human Resource Development, Strategic Management and Organisational Management. Other than this, students specialising in this field learn about the cultural, social and financial aspects that can affect the relationship between employer and the employees. Looking for Why an MBA in HR? If there is a workforce, there will be a constant need for HR within the organisation.


Accounting to nearly 22% of post-career MBA choice, Finance is the one-stop career path in the field of business, concerned with the efficient management of money. It is an ever-growing sector forming an integral part of all the organizations. Students going for an MBA in Finance will get an insightful know-how about budgeting, tax planning, investment analysis, corporate restructuring, banking, portfolio management and financial markets and services. A study of Finance has been further classified into the following 3 categories:

  1. Personal Finance

  2. Public Finance

  3. Corporate Finance

Finance Management has always been and will continue to demand professionals with the skills to solve various business problems.

International Business

A career in International Business Management involves trading goods, services and capital at an international level. It concentrates on the in-depth aspects of international operations in an organisation. International Marketing Management, International Finance, International Human Resource Management, Export & Import Management, International Trade Laws, International Labour Laws, International Labour Organisation, are some of the subjects covered in this MBA specialisation.

In this rapidly globalising and liberalising world, where every business wants to expand itself in the international market, there are enormous opportunities for MBA graduates.

Information Systems

Technology has extended to almost every sector and industry, leading to the growing demand for professionals with business and advanced technical expertise. Students pursuing an MBA in Information Systems learn the basics of Computer Systems and Applications, Data Analysis, Database Administration, Network Security, Information Security Management, Technical Support Specialisation, Supply Chain Management and e-Business. Professionals in Management Information Systems (MIS) are trained in organise and analyse data to answer questions and solve relevant problems in an organisation. Pursing this program, you can work under the following job profiles:

  • Risk Management Director

  • Corporate Auditing Director

  • Marketing and Sales Manager

  • Supply Chain Management Director

  • Government Affairs Director

  • Business Development Manager

MBA in Operations Management

Here is everything you need to know about MBA specializations in Operations Management. An MBA in Operations Management graduate is expected to have an eye for the minutest details, commendable negotiation skills, zero-error efficiency level, and technical knowledge of the processes. For this, the students through the course curriculum are equipped with skills to deal with shop floor or production management so that they can ensure that all the operations in the business are going smoothly and efficiently. It includes all the processes pertaining to planning, organizing, controlling, and supervising. Some popular job profiles a student can work in after graduating with an MBA in Operations Management are listed below:

  • Purchasing and Procurement

  • Plant/Facility Manager

  • Warehouse Manager

  • Logistics/ Distribution Manager

  • Supply Chain Manager

Other MBA Specialisations

Below-mentioned is a list of more comprehensive industry-specific specialization fields for students aspiring to pursue MBA from abroad:

  • MBA in Agriculture

  • MBA in Energy Management

  • MBA in Communication

  • MBA in Pharmaceutical Management

  • MBA in Project Management

  • MBA in Retail Management

  • MBA in Healthcare

  • MBA in Accounting

  • MBA in Quality Management

  • MBA in Fashion Designing

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