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Last minute strategies for NEET UG Exam

If you dream to be a doctor, you have to clear the NEET UG Exam in India. It is the gateway for your most cherished dream to become a white collar professional.

May 06, 2023

By Arun Garg

Entrepreneur I Writer


Hope you have done all your preparations well for the NEET 2023 Exam. But this is the most crucial time just before exam to make your mentally strong and confident to put your ever best in NEET Exam. Here is the list of points to be kept in mind just before the NEET Exam to maximise your input and score high. For more details NEET UG Exam, coaching, and study material, please visit CoachingSelect

1. Take Healthy Nutrition

Your nutrition level decides your mental and physical health status to a large extent. At the last time of exam, avoid eating junk food or restaurant food. Try to have only healthy and light food. Unhealthy food may cause digestive problems and distract you from your ultimate goal. At this time, your every minute is crucial. So, keep yourself physically and mentally fit with optimum nutrition. 

2. Keep yourself hydrated

Since it is a summer season, there are huge chances of getting dehydrated due to the travelling, traffic, stress and waiting at the exam centre. Drink plenty of water as much possible. You can also drink fruit juices or sugarcane juice. 

3. Take all necessary precautions

Read thoroughly your admit card. Go through each and every point to be followed. Read instructions about dress code. Follow the timings regarding entry slot and last entry time. Take all necessary steps like getting print of your admit card, passport size photograph, etc. 

4. Relax and Calm down

You have done all your preparations with your maximum efforts. Avoid unnecessary panic regarding topics you may not have covered. Just revise the topics you have prepared well. Avoid yourself from anxiety and depression. Just relax and believe in yourself. 

5. Stay Away from Social Media

Keep yourself concentrated towards your exam. Any social media post or interaction may distract from your goal. If you are facing any psychological problem or feeling low, you may talk to your parents and close friends. Avoid unnecessary gossiping with random friends regarding the exam. 

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