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The worlds first single charger rule was implemented

October 11, 2022

The European Parliament has approved a new rule that will mandate the introduction of a single charging port for electronic devices in the EU by 2024.

Important data

According to the new EU legislation, all new smartphones, tablets, and cameras will come with a single standard charger.Customers can now choose between two chargers when purchasing a handheld device: one with and one without USB-C chargers.The first phase of the law, which takes effect in late 2024, requires all mobile phones, tablets, and cameras sold in the EU to have a USB Type-C charging port.The rules will be expanded to include laptop computers starting in 2026.Since these regulations would compel adjustments in the charging port of iPhones and other devices for customers in the EU, it is expected to have an impact on smartphone manufacturers like Apple.The USB Type-C ports support external displays, data transfers of up to 40 GB per second, and charging up to 100 Watts.All portable mobile phones, handheld gaming consoles, headphones, headsets, tablets, digital cameras, portal speakers, e-readers, earbuds, mouse, keyboards, and portablenavigation systems will be impacted by the new EU rule over the course of the next two years.The new regulation seeks to reduce e-waste and provide consumers the opportunity to choose more sustainably.
Additionally, it will save prices, simplify life for Europeans, and cut down on the number of chargers available.Every year, it can reduce electronic waste by a significant amount and save at least 200 million euros.Currently, in the European Union, discarded or underused electronics produce roughly 11 000 tonnes of e-waste annually.Additionally, it will end the technological "lock-in" effect, in which a consumer completely relies on a single manufacturer.While these regulations may have a short-term negative impact on businesses, they will also encourage the sales of new and improved gadgets, ensuring revenues for tech giants like Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and others.