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The Advertising Standards Council releases draft guidelines for the education sector

March 14, 2023

A revised draft of the advertising guidelines for the education sector was made available on Tuesday by the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI). Additionally, ASCI invited public participation in the development of updated industry guidelines.
Students who score poorly will not be portrayed as failed or failures thanks to these revised guidelines, which aim to prevent gender or appearance-based stereotypes of students.

What changes are being proposed?

According to a statement issued by the advertising body, advertisements cannot portray individuals with average or low scores as demotivated, hopeless, dissatisfied, or receiving less respect from their parents, teachers, or classmates.

ASCI also stated that commercials must take a student's health into account and that students must not be shown skipping meals or getting enough sleep in order to study. In addition, violating the ASCI code will be considered if a false sense of urgency or fear of missing out is instilled, which may exacerbate concerns about education among parents or students.

These rules will apply to every single instructive establishment, from colleges, universities, and schools to instructing courses, EdTech stages, and others that give instruction and preparing programs, it said in a proclamation.

"Dissimilar to most different items, schooling can't be substantially estimated," Manisha Kapoor, President and Secretary General of ASCI, said. " Advertisers must take into account any potential harm that may be caused to young, impressionable minds in addition to being truthful and adhering to Chapter I of the ASCI Code.