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Six female officers pass the defence services staff course test for the first time

November 19, 2022

Six female officers have passed the coveted Defence Services Staff Course (DSSC) and Defence Services Technical Staff Course (DSTSC) test for the first time, according to authorities.

Four of these officers will attend a one-year training at the Defence Services Staff College in Wellington, Tamil Nadu, alongside male colleagues from all three services, according to the statement.
The women officers will get operational training and orientation in areas such as military intelligence, operational logistics, and administrative elements of staff appointments.
According to them, the famous Staff Course offers enough weightage when considering leadership positions.
According to sources, one of the remaining two female officers is on the reserve list for the Defence Services Technical Staff Course and the other is shortlisted for the Administration and Logistics Management Course (ALMC)/Intelligence Staff Course (ISC).

According to the Indian Army, about 1,500 officers take the DSSC/DSTSC entrance test.
According to officials, 22 female army officers (from the Army Service Corps, Army Air Defence, Army Ordinance Corps, Corps of Signals, Corps of Intelligence, Corps of Engineers, and Corps of EME) who have been granted Permanent Commission in their respective arms and services took the exam for the first time this year.
Officers are nominated to attend the training based on merit, which includes service profile and discipline, after passing the admission test.

One of the four women officers chosen for DSSC is the husband of an officer who also passed the exam, making them the first army couple to undergo Wellington's training together.

This milestone attests to the armed forces' transition toward gender equality and women's empowerment, according to the official.