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SAP India launches Industry Knowledge Exchange

November 05, 2022

SAP India has launched SAP Industry Knowledge Exchange in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) (SAP IKEX). The Knowledge Exchange aims to accelerate India's journey to 'Amrit Kaal,' as well as to drive the country's inclusive digital transformation with long-term development. The exchange will bring together enterprises, consulting firms, and academia from 25 industries, enabling technological co-innovation, best-practice sharing, and regulatory policy deliberation to produce shared business value, accelerate growth, increase global competitiveness, and promote sustainability.
According to a statement released by SAP India, the Knowledge Exchange confluence will be built on three pillars. The pillars are as follows.
Establishment of an industry board: The formation of an industry board for each sector to aid in the identification of sectoral challenges, the shaping of industry agendas, and the promotion of peer-to-peer engagement. Academics, business leaders, and innovation and technology partners will make up the council.

Co-innovation with industries: Enabling collaboration among multiple stakeholders within each industry ecosystem in order to deliver value, drive cloud adoption, and assist start-ups and digital natives.

Improving regulatory and policy inputs: Capitalizing on and leveraging inputs from industry bodies like the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII), Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance (IPA), and Automotive Component Manufacturers Association (ACMA), among others, to ensure a conducive policy and regulatory framework.