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Ratan Tata supports a firm that links seniors and Young graduates

August 17, 2022

Ratan Tata, an 80-year-old industrialist who oversaw the $128 billion Tata Group for many years, has supported a start-up that pairs up older people with recent college graduates for lasting partnerships.

Shantanu Naidu, 30, the general manager of Ratan Tata's office and his startup investment portfolio, launched the company. As chairman of Tata Trusts, the sizable philanthropic arm of the company, Naidu supports Tata as well.

Naidu claimed that his relationship with Tata, which he referred to as a "peak example of an intergenerational friendship considering the five and a half decade age difference," was the inspiration for the new business. He continued by saying that he is drawn to people like Tata because of their wisdom, new-found innocence, and credo of "savouring every moment."