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Karnataka to implement State Education Policy and rejects National Education Policy

July 17, 2023

Madhu Bangarappa, the Minister of Primary Education for Karnataka, announced on Saturday that the state education department will not be implementing the National Education Policy (NEP) but rather the State Education Policy (SEP).
"The Education Department has determined that Karnataka would not implement NEP. After visiting a model government primary school in Bengaluru, the minister stated, "We are intending to implement SEP (State Education Policy) on the recommendation of the expert team.

Ramalinga Reddy, the transport minister for Karnataka, has slammed NEP for being biased. NEP is a bad product. It is unbalanced. This nation is democratic. There are several faiths there. Ramalinga Reddy declared, "We shall carry out our own policy. 
The minister's remarks came the day after Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said in his budget address that his administration will scrap the NEP and create its own in accordance with local reality. He stated that the NEP is incompatible with the federal form of government and that this does not bode well for a nation as varied as India.

"The central government's National Education Policy is incompatible with the federated form of government. It has a number of inconsistencies that threaten both the Constitution and democracy. A nation with varied religions, dialects, and cultures like India can not benefit from a homogenous educational system, according to Siddaramaiah.

The previous BJP administration in the state put NEP into effect at the higher education level. It was also being implemented in schools at the time. The National Education Policy (NEP) was extensively touted by the Congress as a plan to be scrapped, but the Minister of Higher Education for Karnataka, MC Sudhakar, stated in June that before making any hasty judgments, a complete review of the NEP's benefits and drawbacks is required.