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How to Crack SSC CGL in First Attempt

May 22, 2023

The Combined Graduate Level (CGL) test is administered by the Staff Selection Commission (SSC) for a variety of positions in the public sector. Every year, thousands of people from all across India apply to take this test. The selection of candidates is dependent on how well they perform in the exam and interview. This test is one of the most difficult in the nation. It is challenging to succeed not just because of the lengthy syllabus but also because of the tight rivalry for a few number of places.

The selection procedure is much more rigorous because the exam is administered in four parts. Because you can only apply to further examinations after passing the Tier 1 exam, it has considerable importance. To effectively study for this test, many applicants attend coaching sessions. On the other hand, some people would rather sit at their own desk and work on their preparations throughout the allotted time. Start studying two months before the actual test month if you're prepared for the SSC CGL tier 1 exam. Here are some pointers for tier 1 test preparation without coaching:

1. Know the Exam

Before beginning to actually start studying for the SSC CGL test, aspirants need become familiar with it. Candidates should familiarise themselves with the test, from the format to the syllabus. Try to understand the exam's methodology and plan your study appropriately. Each section must be studied and prepared separately.

2. Make Effective Study Timetables 

After gathering all the exam-related information, you should assess your strengths and weaknesses because the latter will call for more time and effort. Here, a study plan might be helpful. Enrolling in a coaching programme will obligate you to use their suggested study plan, which will hinder your preparation.

3. Choose Best Study Material 

Candidate research should come from a number of reliable and pertinent sources. They should seek out information from various sources, such as blogs, magazines, social media, television, and others, rather than restricting themselves to knowledge found in books. They will receive a variety of global knowledge in this way.

4. Practice Mock Tests 

The SSC CGL practise exams and the question papers from the previous year will give you a better concept of the test format and trends throughout time. The pupils can get a sense of their time management abilities and the areas where they fall short by regularly practising them.

Candidates should become accustomed to computer-based tests as the exam is now given online.  The SSC CGL exam previous year's papers and full-length online mock examinations are both available online as resources for students. Candidates can pass this difficult test and become among the sophisticated government job holders with consistent practise and hard effort.

5. Revision is Must 

The completion of the course work does not imply that you are now thoroughly prepared for the exam. The key thing is what will be maintained in your memory as the exam date draws near—while finishing your preparation in time is definitely a very favourable indicator. All the ideas you have learnt must be reviewed.

It takes work to achieve a 160+ in the SSC CGL test. At all costs, you should stick to the study schedule. The more time you squander, the harder it will be to accomplish your goal the following time, and the farther you will be from it. Students frequently allot some time for review, although they are incorrect in doing so.