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First spacecraft from South Korea to reach the moon

August 06, 2022

On August 4, 2022, South Korea launched their first spacecraft to the moon, joining the race with other nations. Future landing sites will be inspected by the South Korean lunar orbiter. It was launched using a Falcon 9 rocket from SpaceX. The delivery date is December 2022.

If this mission is successful, it will join US and Indian spacecraft that are currently roving the moon, as well as a Chinese rover on the moon's far side.

In 2022–2023, Japan, Russia, and India will all launch brand-new moon missions.In August 2022, NASA intends to launch its massive moon rocket as part of the Artemis programme. An empty crew capsule will go over the moon as part of the trip in an effort to test the systems before a crew gets onboard in two years.Relevant information regarding the South Korean Moon Mission,It is South Korea's first step toward lunar exploration and is a 180 million USD programme.It has a boxy satellite that runs on solar power and is made to slide just 62 miles above the lunar surface.For at least a year, scientists will gather geology and other data from the low polar orbit.

The NASA camera is one of six scientific instruments on board the Danuri expedition. It will look into the ice-filled, perpetually shadowed craters at the poles of the moon.

South Korea joined a NASA-led coalition for astronaut moon missions in May 2022. The country's second attempt towards space in six weeks is the Danuri mission. A package of satellites was successfully launched into orbit around the Earth by South Korea in June 2022 using its own rocket for the first time.