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Chinese President Xi Jinping has been elected for a record third time

October 27, 2022

Chinese President Xi Jinping has made history by becoming the first leader of the ruling Communist Party to be re-elected for a third time after party founder Mao Zedong.
President Xi Jinping of China:
Chinese President Xi Jinping has made history by becoming the first leader of the ruling Communist Party since party founder Mao Zedong to be re-elected for a record-breaking third term, with the prospect of ruling China for the rest of his life. He was elected General Secretary of the Communist Party for the third time for a five-year term by the new seven-member Standing Committee, which was packed with his supporters who appeared before the local and foreign media here to herald the new era, widely dubbed the 'Xi era.'

Notably, Xi's "election" to a third term officially ends the over three decades of rule followed by his predecessors, with the exception of Mao, who retired after a 10-year tenure. Xi was elected in 2012 and will finish his 10-year term this year.

Other points made by Chinese President Xi Jinping:

With moderates like Premier Li Keqiang, who was ranked second, eased out of the election to the over 300-member Central Committee by the Communist Party of China (CPConce-every-five-year )'s Congress, the Committee met on Sunday and elected a 25-member Political Bureau.
The Political Bureau chose a seven-member Standing Committee, which chose Xi for a third five-year term as General Secretary.
Xi was elected with relative ease to the Central Committee, the Political Bureau, the Standing Committee, and then as General Secretary as the Congress passed a key amendment to the Party's constitution reinforcing his "core" status with the directive that all party members have the "obligation" to follow his directives and doctrines.
According to observers, Xi's emergence as the most powerful leader as President, party leader, and military head, with the prospect of being a leader for life in the footsteps of Mao, whose extremist ideological campaigns such as the Cultural Revolution resulted in the extermination of millions, is widely expected to be viewed with unease and concern as the one-party state has now become a one-leader state.