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CBSE invites for Single Girl Child Scholarship X 2023 Scheme

September 29, 2023

For the Single Girl Child Scholarship X 2023 Scheme, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has issued an invitation to all qualified students to submit an application. This scholarship will provide 500 to qualified students. The scholarship shall be given out for no more than two years. Only citizens of India would be eligible for the scholarship.

Students must have obtained the CBSE Single Girl Child Merit Scholarship the previous year, have been enrolled in CBSE class XI the year before, have received 50% or more in class XI, and have been promoted to class XII to be eligible for renewal. Candidates should be enrolled in connected schools with the CBSE for Class XI and XII. The maximum monthly tuition for Class X should be INR 1,500, with a 10% increase for Classes XI and XII.