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An all female team from the Indian Navy completes its first maritime surveillance mission

August 06, 2022

After completing their first all-female solo "maritime reconnaissance and surveillance mission" to the North Arabian Sea, women officers of the Indian Navy recently achieved history. The Dornier 228 aircraft was used to perform the mission.

Important information to know

The Indian Navy Air Squadron (INAS) 314's five officers completed the Maritime Surveillance Mission.In Porbandar, Gujarat, near the Naval Air Enclave, INAS is headquartered.Women officers underwent thorough mission training and ground instruction to ensure the success of this mission. It was a pioneering aerial military mission. This assignment will probably present opportunities within the aviation cadre. They might now take on greater responsibility and aspire to take on more difficult tasks.
The aircraft Dornier 228:
A multipurpose light transport aircraft is the Dornier 228. Its origins are in German design. However, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited has produced a new generation of the aircraft in-house (HAL). In 1983, HAL got a production licence and used Kanpur to produce 125 aircraft. This aircraft was purchased by the Indian Navy in 1998 from a German manufacturer. It has a service ceiling of 28,000 feet and a maximum range of 1,320 nautical miles.