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Air force drill between India and Malaysia

August 17, 2022

A joint exercise between the Royal Malaysian Air Force and the Indian Air Force is called Udarashakti (RMAF). In Malaysia, the four-day bilateral drills have got underway.

In Udarashakti 2022, the Indian Air Force will participate in an air exercise using the Su-30 MKI and C-17 aircraft.
The Malaysian Air Force, on the other side, is participating with Su-30 MKM aircraft.
Different aerial warfare manoeuvres between the two Air Forces will be conducted throughout the course of the four days.

Among the exercise's significance are;

The exercise will strengthen the long-standing camaraderie between the two militaries and the cooperation in the front lines of defence. It will thereby improve regional security.
The IAF will have the chance to share and educate the Royal Malaysian Air Force on best practises through this exercise. Additionally, they would go over their shared combat talents.


In 2018, the first bilateral air force exercise including front-line Sukhoi-30 combat aircraft took place. In order to educate Malaysian pilots on the SU-30SKM aircraft, the Indian Air Force Training Team was stationed there from 2008 to 2010.
Indian Air Force (IAF) The Indian Armed Forces' air wing. Indian air force is ranked third globally in terms of personnel and aircraft assets. Its main goals during armed conflict are to defend Indian airspace and execute aerial combat. On October 8, 1932, it was established.

Royal Malaysian Air Force

It was established on June 2, 1958.